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Senate Committee to Consider Bill that Shames Doctors into Doing Transgender Surgeries

Currently in California, some medical personnel have refused to provide sterilizing drugs and surgeries to trans-identifying individuals, nor affirm their new gender identities by using their preferred pronouns. In response, Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) introduced SB 923, with a hearing tomorrow, to shame them into compliance.

“Senator Wiener continues to display a totalitarian impulse toward anyone who disagrees with him regarding the nature of gender and how best to help those struggling with gender dysphoria,” said Greg Burt, Director of Capitol Engagement for the California Family Council.

“Forced ideological indocrination training is nothing new. Unable to persuade the populace of his point of view within the marketplace of ideas, Wiener now wants to force people into reeducation classes where Christians will be shamed for their faith, and encouraged to sterilize patients and tell them lies about their gender.”

If passed, all medical and health insurance personnel will be forced to attend transgender “cultural competency training” classes. The medical and health insurance personnel who fail to do the “trans-inclusive health care” will be forced to repeat the training until they submit to an ideology they do not agree with. 

SB 923 will force doctors to always say yes to treatments including using sterilizing drugs and surgeries on healthy reproductive organs of both adults and minors.  

The trainings required by SB 923 must be facilitated by a transgender, gender non-conforming, or intersex (TGI) lead organization. The trainings must: 

  • Teach the effects of “historical and contemporary exclusion and oppression of TGI communities” (“TGI” means transgender, gender non-conforming, or intersex.)
  • Teach about “TGI-inclusive terminology, using people’s correct names and pronouns, even when they are not reflected in records or legal documents; avoiding language, whether verbal or nonverbal, that demeans, ridicules, or condemns TGI individuals; and avoiding making assumptions about gender identity by using gender-neutral language and avoiding language that presumes all individuals are heterosexual, cisgender or gender conforming, or non-intersex.”
  • Teach attendees to recognize “the difference between personal values and professional responsibilities with regard to serving TGI people.” Translation:  Christians’ beliefs about the binary, biological nature of gender have to be abandoned if they want to work in the medical field.  

To learn more about SB 923, click here

Participate in our Call-in Campaign against this bill here. 

SB 923, the bill forcing all CA healthcare workers to attend transgender ‘indoctrination’ training, is scheduled for a hearing in the Senate Health Committee, Wednesday, April 6, at 1:00 PM in room 1200. 

Please call into the hearing or show up in person and make your voice heard. (See details to participate here.) We must make it clear that California healthcare workers should not be indoctrinated in transgender trainings.

Call the members of the Senate Health Committee and voice your opposition to SB 923:


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