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Leaked Files Reveal Medical Malpractice in “Transgender Medicine”

Recently leaked documents from the World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH) have brought to light concerns over the ethical practices and adherence to informed consent within the field of “gender medicine.” The documents reveal the alarming and unethical lengths to which medical professionals are willing to go in perpetuating gender ideology and “gender-affirming care.”

According to the files released by Environmental Progress, a US think tank, there’s evidence suggesting that the guidelines shaping global transgender healthcare do not always align with medical ethics and evidence-based medicine. These documents feature snapshots from WPATH’s private communication platform from 2021 to 2024 and a video from an internal discussion panel.

WPATH, recognized as a top authority on “gender medicine” globally, has significantly influenced healthcare through its Standards of Care, affecting a number of institutions worldwide. Discussions within WPATH indicate a tendency to experiment with treatments and improvise as they go. Members of the organization have also acknowledged that both children and their parents cannot fully understand the long-term impacts of “gender-affirming care” due to limited health literacy.


In other words, WPATH is aware that children who undergo the procedures the organization advocates for are developing cancer, becoming sterilized, are adopting disordered eating habits, and are affected by other severe health complications.“The WPATH Files show that what is called ‘gender medicine’ is neither science nor medicine,” said Michael Shellenberger, President and founder of Environmental Progress. “The experiments are not randomized, double-blind, or controlled. It’s not medicine since the first rule is to do no harm. And that requires informed consent.”

The WPATH Files reveal even more disregard for the long-term well-being of patients undergoing “gender transition” treatments by highlighting the administration of cross-sex hormones and surgeries to those with significant mental health issues and socio-economic challenges. Moreover, discussions extend to experimental procedures creating non-natural body types, indicating a push beyond reasonable medical boundaries.

“We have always known that WPATH was only pretending to be scientific, especially after abandoning the biological nature of sex and gender,” said Greg Burt, Vice President of the California Family Council. “Yet for years, California legislators have hidden behind WPATH’s unscientific pronouncement about transgenderism to justify bills that remove children from the custody of non-affirming parents, pay for the sterilization and mutilation of minors’ reproductive systems, and punish any medical professional who objects to medically transitioning a minor. The impact of their deception, especially on children, is enormous.” 

“We need to return to medical practices rooted in evidence-based medicine, uphold the dignity of the individual, and adhere strictly to the principle of ‘do no harm,’” he said. 

The good news is that an increasing number of healthcare experts are raising concerns, likening the endorsement of hormonal and surgical interventions in gender medicine to significant historical medical controversies such as lobotomies. “Activist members of WPATH know that the so-called ‘gender-affirming care’ they provide can result in life-long complications and sterility and that their patients do not understand the implications, such as loss of sexual function and the ability to experience orgasm,” said Shellenberger. “These leaked files show overwhelming evidence that the professionals within WPATH know that they are not getting consent from children, adolescents, and vulnerable adults, or their caregivers.”

Environmental Progress contacted all WPATH members mentioned in the leaked documents, including those whose names were obscured, to verify their statements and offer them a chance to respond. Among these, only two members replied: one confirmed the accuracy of their quoted remarks, while the other contested Environmental Progress’s interpretation without denying the comments themselves.

The leaked documents led numerous detransitioners to speak out about the severe emotional and physical difficulties they’ve endured due to “gender-affirming care.

“Let the reckoning begin,” said Luka Hein, a young woman who underwent a double mastectomy at only 16 years old. “Because of organizations like WPATH I’m missing body parts and struggle with pain.”

“I was a scared kid who thought doctors were going to help me … and look at how these butchers talk about what happened to those like me behind closed doors,” Hein added in another post to X.

Medical professionals are required to “do no harm.” Instead, they are engaging in child abuse. Hopefully, this revelation will hinder current California policy that allows these detrimental procedures to take place. 


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