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California’s Transgender Treatments Legislation Denies Science, Statistics

A new study found that transgender surgeries exacerbate suicidal ideation rather than ease depression and mental health issues associated with gender dysphoria. In fact, looking at data from over a 20-year span, researchers were able to determine that individuals who underwent transgender surgeries, such as genital reconstructive surgeries or double mastectomies, had a “12.12-fold higher suicide attempt risk than those who did not.”

Despite this damning evidence, California continues to promote transgender treatments as a viable solution to gender dysphoria – even for children. AB 2442, a bill introduced in this legislative session, is one example of many. This bill expedites the licensure process for medical personnel willing to do “gender-affirming care,” which includes transgender surgeries that cut off healthy body parts, and taking cross-sex hormones to make a person appear like the opposite sex.  It also expedites licenses for those willing to provide mental healthcare that affirms a patient’s chosen gender identity no matter the age. 

“In recent years, the number of states with laws or policies restricting access to gender-affirming care has dramatically increased from just four states in 2022, to 23 states in 2024,” Assemblyman Rick Chavez Zbur, author of the bill, explained. “These bars in other states are requiring patients to travel to states like California to obtain the healthcare that they need. AB 2442 seeks to improve access to this care in anticipation of a surge in out-of-state patients seeking care in California.”

Assemblyman Zbur glosses right over a pivotal fact in his floor speech: In just one year, 19 additional states placed restrictions on gender-affirming care, with some outright banning it for minors. Why? Because studies like the one mentioned above prove both scientifically and statistically, that these practices are not only unhelpful, but dangerous. 

“Gender-affirming surgery is significantly associated with elevated suicide attempt risks, underlining the necessity for comprehensive post-procedure psychiatric support,” the study published last month noted.

Not only are other states beginning to recognize the inherent danger in these practices, but other nations are as well. Just last month, Dr. Hilary Cass, Chair of the Independent Review of gender identity services for children and young people, submitted a comprehensive report to England’s National Health Service that debunked many of the common claims made by “gender-affirming care” proponents.

“The U.K. is only one of a number of European countries that have put the brakes on gender transition procedures for minors. France, Sweden, Finland, and Norway have all also warned that there is insufficient evidence to support puberty blockers, hormone drugs, and surgeries for children, but the U.S. has become an ‘outlier’ by continuing to endorse the practice,” a Washington Stand reporter explained.

Additionally, a 30-year-long study out of Sweden showed that suicide rates drastically increased following gender transition procedures (up to 20 times higher than the general population); a report from the U.K. in 2023 showed that one out of every three minors who were prescribed puberty-blocking drugs and hormone treatments exacerbated their mental health issues; a study from Finland similarly found that “transgender” identifying individuals typically suffer from “many more common psychiatric needs” than the general population, and that gender-affirming care does not alleviate those mental health conditions. Germany’s Medical Assembly also recently called on their government to restrict the use of hormone treatment and puberty blockers due to the known risks associated with the treatments.

“The evidence is overwhelming: transgender treatments are dangerous and worsen an already concerning problem,” said Greg Burt, Vice President of the California Family Council. “Individuals suffering with gender dysphoria need psychiatric support rather than ‘affirmation’ of their delusions. California legislators are fighting against science and common sense – a battle they cannot win. Continuing to pursue increased access to transgender treatment puts countless vulnerable children in danger. We need an immediate about-face from our legislators on this issue.”


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