San Francisco Legislator Seeks an End to CA “War on Drugs”

bunch of white oval medication tablets and white medication capsules

Ignoring the thousands of lives destroyed every year by illicit drugs, Senator Wiener (D-San Francisco) recently announced on Twitter his intent to end California’s “war on drugs.” Encouraged by the recent decriminalization of some psychedelic drugs in Oregon and Washington D.C., Wiener plans to start his new crusade by introducing…

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Peer Influence Causing Drastic Increase in Girls Who Think They are Boys, New Book Reports

A new social phenomenon is emerging among females friends in college, high school, and even middle school. An alarming number of these young ladies are announcing, out of the blue, that they are transgender and want sterilizing transition treatments like testosterone shots, double mastectomies, and eventually reassignment surgeries. The recently…

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An Easter Like No Other…Or Is It?

This Easter is unlike any other in recent history. In an effort to follow government guidelines for “social distancing” related to the COVID-19 pandemic, many churches are voluntarily shutting their doors for the first time in the history of our country.⁣ But you and I know 2020 is not the…

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