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California March for Life Rescheduled

Sacramento 101 announced for May 27

The March for Life and the California Family Council, out of concern for the health of those planning to attend, and in line with the guidance of public health officials and Capitol authorities, are today announcing the postponement of the California March for Life, originally set for Tuesday, June 23rd, 2020.

We greatly appreciate the wonderful excitement we’ve witnesses in planning for the first-ever California March for Life, and we are hopeful that we can reschedule the event sometime in the fall. Thank you to those who are working hard to make sure Californians from every corner and county of our state will be represented at the rally and march.

It is with great excitement that we are announcing Sacramento 101, an educational webinar on California pro-life advocacy, scheduled for May 27th from 12-1:30 P.T. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone to learn about the principles of effective lobbying, the specific and current issues California is facing, and what you can do right now to champion pro-life policies to your California elected representative. This webinar will be hosted by a panel of experts who will be able to answer any questions during a concluding Q&A. This webinar is suited for all levels of experience and comfort with advocacy.

SACRAMENTO 101 Details:

With you, we are committed to ensuring that California’s pro-life voice will be heard by the Governor, our General Assembly and other elected officials. Continue to check the website at camarchforlife.org for regular updates on Sacramento 101, the announcement of a new date, and ways you can help spread the word and plan to attend.

We look forward to joining together on May 27th virtually and in the fall physically to work towards our goal of making abortion unthinkable.



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