San Francisco Legislator Seeks an End to CA “War on Drugs”

bunch of white oval medication tablets and white medication capsules

Ignoring the thousands of lives destroyed every year by illicit drugs, Senator Wiener (D-San Francisco) recently announced on Twitter his intent to end California’s “war on drugs.” Encouraged by the recent decriminalization of some psychedelic drugs in Oregon and Washington D.C., Wiener plans to start his new crusade by introducing…

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Mixed Election News on the California State Legislature

While election officials still have around 750,000 ballots left to count, it looks like California will pick up one additional Republican member of the State Assembly, but loose several State Senators. Since Republicans are much friendlier to people of faith regarding religious liberty, protecting life, and advocating for traditional family values, this…

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Lives Saved Outside of California Abortion Clinics

For the past five weeks, pro-life Californians have been saving babies’ lives outside of 52 abortion clinics all over the state by praying, holding prolife signs, and offering help to mothers in crisis as part of a worldwide event called 40 Days for Life. California Family Council’s Director of Capitol…

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