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Proposed Legislation Aims to Introduce Pregnancy Center Resources into School Curricula

While pro-life pregnancy centers in California provide mothers and their babies with free pregnancy-related medical services, many of the state’s politicians only promote and fund abortion as the only answer to an unplanned pregnancy. However, Senator Ochoa Bogh’s bill, SB 1368, aims to change this.

State law already requires students in 7-12th grade to be told about available abortion resources in their sex education classes. The Senator’s bill, scheduled for a hearing this Wednesday, would also require teachers to inform students about the services offered by licensed pregnancy centers as a crucial resource for sexual health and pregnancy. 

“Given that pregnancy center management and staff offer extensive information and confidential services to young people who are facing difficult pregnancy decisions at no cost, this should be a resource offered to students under the California Health Youth Act curriculum,” stated Ochoa Bogh’s fact sheet

Planned Parenthood, a major player in America’s sexual health education sector, prominently includes its abortion services in educational curricula nationwide. However, the abortion giant offers no help to women who want to keep their babies. Ironically, many pregnancy centers report that Planned Parenthood will refer women to pregnancy care centers if a woman refuses an abortion. At no cost to the individual, these pro-life clinics offer free medical care such as ultrasounds, urine pregnancy testing, medical referrals, STI/STD testing and treatment along with other tangible resources such as counseling and baby supplies.

The crux of the issue lies in awareness, particularly amongst younger individuals. Many who are navigating their sexual health journey, are not aware of the amount of services available to them beyond the confines of abortion. By incorporating pregnancy centers into sexual health education, Senate Bill 1368 aims to inform students, especially young women in crisis. 

Additionally, this bill will require the state board of education to make information on licensed pregnancy centers available on its website. As young women often make difficult life-changing decisions about their unborn babies in secret, pregnancy centers allow women to discuss options with a medically licensed, sympathetic person. This ensures that women in crisis have a support system around them no matter their decision. Pregnancy centers offer additional support such as abortion recovery support, and emotional and family support, thus demonstrating their desire to support women in all circumstances. 

Bill author Senator Ochoa Bogh recently visited her local Pregnancy Center in order to understand the services they provide. She discovered that the clinic receives referrals from a nearby abortion clinic because it doesn’t have services or support for women who want to keep their babies. On April 8, she joined the California Marching 101: Pro-Life Advocacy Workshop and shared about her legislation.

Senate Bill 1368’s mandate to include these centers in sexual health education is a pivotal moment in shifting the narrative and ensuring that women have access to the support they need. It’s time to recognize the tireless work of pregnancy centers and ensure that their services are accessible and known to all.



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