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Planned Parenthood Offers Vulgar Valentines to CA State Legislators

California state legislators received vulgar valentines at their Capitol offices last Friday. Planned Parenthood activists distributed gift bags with condoms inscribed with a crass and threatening message. 

“Don’t F*** with Us and Don’t F*** without us,” the condoms read. It is not clear whether the abortion giant indents to use this new slogan in its sex education programs it runs in California public schools, but the message drew quick condemnation. Several commented the profane prophylactics seemed especially inappropriate for a legislative body rocked by sexual harassment complaints. 

“Distributing these ‘goody bags’ would likely be grounds for termination inside most California corporations,” said California Family Council President Jonathan Keller.  “Yet Planned Parenthood once again shows they have little respect for those with differing beliefs, even when they are elected officials.”

Several legislators didn’t appreciate the message either. Assemblywoman Melissa Melendez posted a picture of the gift on Facebook.  “This is the goody bag Planned Parenthood dropped off at my office. Stay classy PP. Stay classy.”

Senator Shannon Grove likewise called out the gag as “vulgar” and “disgusting.” She voiced her disapproval on the Facebook page of Pastor Jack Hibbs, lead pastor of Calvary Chapel Chino Hills. 

“We confirmed several offices received this ‘gift’ from Planned Parenthood, including mine,” Senator Grove wrote. “Really???? This is how PP communicates with members of the state legislature. Good thing I stopped a group of kids from seeing it in my office……#Crass #disgusting #Vulgar. … The top part of the condom wrapper appears to be a threat!”

Senator Mike Morrell also considered the valentine threatening. “Returning to my desk from the weekend, I found the “Valentine” Planned Parenthood distributed to our office last week (keep in mind, they receive taxpayer funds),” Morrell wrote on his Facebook page. “Aside from its vulgarity, it’s a veiled threat and a strong-arm tactic – something I don’t appreciate. It crosses a line, clearly violating the workplace harassment policies of the Senate.”

Planned Parenthood has been under increasing scrutiny over the past several years after a variety of high-profile exposes. The embattled organization fired Dr. Leanna Wen, their most recent president, after only nine months, citing a desire to focus more explicitly on abortion and political activism. At the same time, California abortion activists continue to promote the organization, even allowing Planned Parenthood to open 50 “health clinics” in Los Angeles area high schools. 


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