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Planned Parenthood’s Year in Review: More abortions, more funding, fewer health services

After the overturning of Roe v. Wade in 2022 and the trigger laws that immediately went into effect in more than a dozen states, many assumed abortion rates would drastically decline in the following years. However, looking at a new report released from Planned Parenthood, that sadly couldn’t be further from the truth. Despite 41 states with abortion restrictions in place, and 14 with outright bans, abortion rates have increased since Roe was overturned, as has government funding of abortion.

Since Roe was overturned, Planned Parenthood lost 80,000 patients, but performed 18,557 more abortions than the previous year, with a total of 392,715 babies killed in 2023 and over $699 million in taxpayer funding that enabled their abortionists to commit these atrocities. Compared to rates before Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization overturned Roe, that’s an increase of 9,252 abortions and over $28.9 million in funding – which accounts for one-third of Planned Parenthood’s overall revenue. 

Not only have abortions and taxpayer funding drastically increased over the past two years, but health services – the ones they tout as equally important to their abortion agenda – have rapidly declined.

“Between 2022 and 2023, preventive-care visits fell by 31.0%, pap tests fell by 13.5%, cancer screenings fell by 1.4%, and adoption referrals fell by 4.5%. Interestingly, for every adoption referral in 2023, Planned Parenthood performed over 228 abortions,”  senior associate scholar at Charlotte Lozier Institute Michael New explained. “In the past 10 years, the number of abortions performed by Planned Parenthood has increased by 20%. Meanwhile, cancer screenings fell by more than 58%, and prenatal services declined by more than 67%.”

It’s clear: Planned Parenthood is an abortion mill, not a health center – and they should not receive a penny of our tax dollars. The report speaks for itself: “Demand at Planned Parenthood health centers in states where abortion is protected has soared by up to 700%.”

“Pregnant women who walk into Planned Parenthood are sold an abortion 97% of the time, rather than helped to keep their child or make an adoption plan,” New noted. This is not an organization interested in what’s best for the mother (not to mention the unborn child). Planned Parenthood is a for-profit business that is only interested in selling its most expensive product: abortion. Even if it means putting women in danger, and killing millions of innocent human beings in the process. 

Where does California stand in all of this? 

California became one of five “surge states” following the overturning of Roe, due to its proximity to states with abortion restrictions in place. Our legislators boast that California is an “abortion sanctuary” and have introduced legislation to not only protect the right to kill unborn babies in our state, but to shield those who travel here to do so, violating the laws of their own state. In 2022, our legislature created a $20 million public fund to help women travel from other states to undergo abortion procedures in California.

Immediately following the Dobbs decision, California experienced a 16% increase in abortions, amounting to 12,300 additional babies killed through abortion in our state. Those numbers will likely continue to increase, especially as Governor Newsom helped introduce a bill to allow Arizona abortionists to temporarily see patients in California, after their Supreme Court approved the enforcement of a near-total abortion law in early April.

The news out of the Planned Parenthood report is unsettling and devastating – but our nation is not too far gone for redemption. We are seeing God move in incredible ways – we can’t lose sight of that. Let’s stand firm in one spirit and continue to pray for a revival in California and His blessing on the pro-life movement.


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