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Parent Group to Hold Statewide Sex-Ed Sit-Out this Thursday

Parents throughout California are planning another sex-ed sit out this week to protest the sexualization of their children in the state’s public schools. Leaders with Alliance to Protect Children (ATPC) are not only calling on parents to pull their kids out of school this Thursday, September 19, but to stage protests at the offices of the legislators responsible for the curriculum. This is the second time this year a California parent organization has organized a state-wide sit-out to protest sexually explicit sex-ed curriculum created to comply with the California Healthy Youth Act (AB 329), approved in 2015. Parents with Informed Parent of California held a state-wide sit-out last May.

“Legislators continue to propose laws limiting our options as parents and expanding the mandate of AB 329,” said ATPC spokesperson America Figueroa.” Some legislators even bully us, their constituents, hoping to silence us and keep us from defending our children, but we won’t back down. They are our children. … We were a sleeping giant, but we are no longer asleep. A revolution is coming and parents are leading it. Enough is enough.” 

Nationally know parental rights advocate Elizabeth Johnston, also known as the “Activist Mommy,” has taken up ATPC’s cause using her vast social media network to promote the sit-out. “Parents and citizens all over [California] are taking a stand against outright pornographic indoctrination under the guise of ‘sex education’ in public schools,” Johnston wrote on her blog. “Events like this are crucial to ignite and empower families and citizens to participate in effective activism through legislative outreach, rallies, sit-outs, and district interactions. We don’t just want people to be informed, we want them to act. Without action, there will never be a restoration to sanity in public policy.” 

An ATPC press release highlighted several issues motivating the protest its leaders call a “Parental Revolution.” 

  • They protest the indoctrination of their children in gender theory that contradicts science.
  • They highly protest the teaching of negotiation skills for consent to sex and the affirmation of very risky and physically dangerous sexual behaviors. 
  • They protest instruction directing children as young as 12 to local Planned Parenthood clinics for reproductive services including abortion. 
  • They are outraged by a proposed California Teachers’ Association policy pushing for pre-pubescent children to receive hormone treatment without the “barrier” of parent involvement.

The ATPC press release further explained the protest stating:

“Parents, community and faith leaders opposing AB 329 and everything deriving from it, consider the family to be the foundation of a stable civil society, and that parents have both the right and responsibility to raise their children in accordance with their values. They see their children as vulnerable to a political agenda advanced by big pharma, the abortion industry, state and national teachers’ unions, radical transgender activists, and state that those forces have united to take advantage of a captive and impressionable market of subjects at the expense of their mental, physical, and spiritual health. They are outraged at this exploitation of their own precious girls and boys and deeply concerned by the assault on all children.”

Call to Action: 

Those interested in participating in this Thursday’s Sex ed sit out can register here.  


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