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Beverly Hills 5th graders taught gender identity during sex-ed

Activist teachers are willing to go to great lengths to brainwash children and distort their view of human sexuality. Meanwhile, parents are left completely in the dark and denied their right to direct their children’s education.

The latest example of this occurred in Beverly Hills, where schools are exposing children to inappropriate topics during sex-ed classes. Thankfully, parents are speaking out.

Several parents showed up to a school board meeting for Beverly Hills Unified School District this month to express their frustration with the fifth-grade sex education curriculum.

“I feel betrayed, angry, and disgusted,” said one dad of a fifth-grader. “Our kids have the right to innocence and not to be exposed to topics that can only confuse them even more than they are as they enter puberty.” 

The dad claimed that parents were not informed of several controversial topics, including gender identity, that were covered during the sex-ed classes.

 “The students for this are ten years old,” the dad continued. “How can the district think this content is even remotely appropriate for this age group and not even make a specific disclosure to parents? It’s unbelievable.”

Parents are right to be infuriated. They alone have the authority to determine how, when, and if their children will be exposed to controversial ideas such as gender ideology, and this authority is not being respected.

Further, children’s innocence is being stripped from them. Not only are they being exposed to mature and complicated topics pertaining to sexuality, but they are also being fed lies about those topics.  

Human sexuality should be addressed at home, as it is intrinsically tied to metaphysical beliefs. A Christian family will have a very different approach to the subject of sexuality than secular school administrators. Parents currently have the right to review the sex education curriculum and opt their kids out of sex education classes. But most parents don’t take the time to review the curriculum, nor do they remove their kids from classes. Plus state law doesn’t consider teaching on gender identity to be sex education, so parents do not have to be notified or opt their children out of those lessons. Legislative efforts to require school districts to put sex education online for easy parental access have failed over the last several years.   

This is one of numerous stories in which school administrators have undermined parents to indoctrinate their children. An Oakland high school created a “transition closet” where students can change out of the clothes that their “parents approved of” and into clothes that align with their gender identities.

Further, the California Teachers Association held a conference instructing teachers on how to undermine parents and indoctrinate students with progressive gender ideology. The association also distributed packets instructing teachers on how to propagandize students with this anti-Christian ideology.

What children learn in school will shape who they become. Currently, our public school curriculum is shaping children into progressive atheists. 

California schools do not have the best interest of children in mind, as children are better off when their parents are their primary decision makers – a concept that many public institutions simply are not respecting. 

All California parents should follow the example of those in Beverly Hills who stood up for their children and approached the school board. The more parents take action, the more change is likely to occur.


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