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California Family Council Calls on Senator Ricardo Lara to Apologize for Claiming Biblical Views “Perpetuated” Murder and Torture of Children

In a despicable attack last Thursday, August 16, Senator Ricardo Lara (D-Bell Gardens) slandered therapists, pastors, and Bible-believing Christians on the floor of the California Senate. Lara’s defamatory statement came while speaking in support of AB 2943, a bill to label as consumer fraud the sale of goods and services to adults wanting help to change unwanted same sex attractions and gender dysphoria.

The disgusting slur from Lara claimed that beliefs about “conversion” lead to torture, and even “perpetuated the brutal murder” of two children in Los Angeles at the hand of their parents. Sen. Lara is referring to these horrendous crimes in Southern California:

“It is wholly unacceptable for an elected official like Senator Lara to attack therapists, pastors and Bible-believing Christians for simply disagreeing with his views on sexuality.”

“To claim the religious views held by millions of Californians perpetuated the torture and murder of innocent children is a ghastly lie that should not be tolerated from any person claiming to represent California voters.”

California Family Council President Jonathan Keller

Watch a video Senator Lara’s comments, which were as follows:

“The issue with conversion, it already implies that there is something wrong with you, that you are somehow not normal. And it is those feelings that perpetuated the brutal murder of Gabriel Fernandez and Anthony Avalos by the hands of their own parents. Children that were tortured. Children that were made to eat feces, that were burned with cigarettes because somehow they were not normal.”

“We asking everyone to call Senator Ricardo Lara’s office and ask him to apologize for slandering the sincerely held beliefs of Christians throughout this state, this country, and the world!” said Keller. Lara’s office number Capitol Office number is (916) 651-4033.


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