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California Teacher and Admin Push Homosexuality and Transgenderism on Third Graders

Public school educators in California continue to undermine parents and promote inappropriate ideas to young children.

Emails from a public school board in Glendale, California revealed that a third-grade teacher taught transgender and sexual identity ideology to eight-year-olds with the encouragement and support of school district leaders.

The disturbing conversation was found after a concerned parent made a public records request from  the Glendale Unified School District in Southern California. The emails revealed that a teacher showed students videos on LGBTQ ideology and subjected them to comments about nudity. 

The teacher, named Tammy Tiber, sent an email to the Teaching and Learning Department that read, “Today I talked to my class about LGBTQ pride month and played 2 short videos from YouTube that were geared towards kids…A parent who heard the lesson and discussion made her daughter leave Zoom and texted me asking me when I was done discussing sexual orientation so that she could let her kids back into Zoom. I was planning on doing more lessons tomorrow and Wednesday, but now I’m afraid to.” 

In response, district officials told Tiber to continue with her lessons despite the parent’s opposition. GUSD administrator Craig Lewis wrote, “Do not be concerned or afraid. Your principal should support you, as I know that our district, including Vivian does.” A second GUSD administrator applauded the resources Tiber found and ended her email with “Thank you for your bravery.”  

Other parents were upset as well. “These are eight-year-old children that she’s trying to hold a sexual orientation class with,” said one mother. “You guys want us to believe that this isn’t a propaganda, that no agenda is being held. This wasn’t just any sexuality class, this was specifically designed. Three days a week she taught LGBTQ curriculum in her class.”

The videos that the teacher planned to show students encourage children to embrace homosexuality and LGBTQ ideology. In one video, called  “Talking To Kids About Pride Month,” a woman tells children about how she questioned her sexuality and found herself attracted to a nude woman in a film. 

The video attempts to normalize adults speaking to children about sexual desires. The host says, Jodie Foster is a woman, and she made me question my sexuality when I was a child because I liked her so much. And she was nude in the film ‘Nell.’ Not that I remember watching it several times as a child.” 

To make matters worse, a parent group met with GUSD administration prior to the email exchange between Tiber and district officials. The parents expressed their concerns about exposing children to topics of gender identity and sexuality in school. While the administrators assured the parents that their concerns would be taken into consideration, the district told Tiber just one week later to continue exposing third graders to gender ideology.

According to GUSD, parents do not have the right to opt their children out of certain lessons. In a video titled, “Superintendent’s Community Update December 16, 2021: Building Healthy Communities,” an administrator says, “Opt out provision does not apply to instruction or materials outside the context of comprehensive sexual health education, including those that may reference gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, discrimination, bullying, relationships or family.”

It is the right of parents alone to decide what their child will be taught and exposed to, especially when it comes to controversial topics like gender ideology. 

God entrusts children to parents, not to schools or the government. Parents cannot fulfill their duty as the primary educators of their children if schools continue to overstep their boundaries.


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