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CA Legislature’s “Pride Month” Resolutions Clash with Christian Values

As June begins, corporations, media, and politicians of both parties are showing their support for “diverse” gender identities and sexual activity outside biblical guidelines. This tradition, solidified in 2018 when Gov. Jerry Brown dedicated June as “LGBTQ Pride Month” in California, continues with new resolutions in 2024.

Resolutions HR 101 and SR 96

In May 2024, the California State Assembly and Senate introduced HR 101 and SR 96. These resolutions recognize June as a month to “celebrate” so-called LGBTQ+ identities and encourage Californians to “appreciate their contributions while advocating for further equality.” (see final votes here SenateAssembly lists co-sponsors: All the yes votes were from Democrats and three Assembly Republicans who cosponsored the HR 101: Asm. Diane Dixon, Asm. Greg Wallis, Asm. Phillip Chen)

However, these legislative actions starkly contrast traditional Christian teachings on sexuality and marriage. The Bible provides clear guidelines, and these “Pride Month” resolutions challenge these principles. As followers of Christ, we must uphold and teach these values, especially to our children, amid a culture that often promotes contradictory views.

A Call to Action for Christians

“Pride Month” offers a critical opportunity for parents to teach their children about biblical principles on human sexuality, emphasizing the importance of understanding and adhering to God’s design. This effort helps counteract the confusion spread by the broader culture.

Christian Perspective on Pride

Seeking worldly approval through prideful actions opposes biblical teachings. Scriptures like James 4:6 make this clear: “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” Additionally, Ephesians 5:11 instructs, “Take no part in the unfruitful works of darkness, but instead expose them,” while Romans 12:2 advises, “Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind.” Christians must stand firm, speaking out with grace and truth against societal norms that contradict Scripture.

The promotion of LGBTQ+ identities in mainstream culture, including major corporations, media, and entertainment, underscores the urgency of standing firm in biblical truth. Recently, Walmart’s “Pride Month” push included merchandise that not only celebrated LGBTQ+ identities but also pushed boundaries with items like “rainbow skulls.” This commercialization of “Pride Month” goes beyond “support” for those who identify as LGBTQ+. America is now entering a realm where Christian values are not just ignored but actively opposed.

The opposition to Christian values by the LGBTQ movement is increasingly evident. Educational curricula across the country are incorporating LGBTQ+ themes, often without parental consent, challenging traditional biblical teachings on gender and sexuality. Businesses and organizations that refuse to endorse or participate in LGBTQ+ activities due to religious beliefs face legal repercussions and social backlash. The legal battles of Christian bakers, florists, and photographers who have declined to provide services for same-sex weddings highlight this conflict, demonstrating how biblical convictions are not just sidelined but actively contested.

The Battle for Truth in Public Discourse

As Christians, we must engage in the public discourse, promoting truth with love and conviction. The narrative pushed by secular media and cultural elites often marginalizes those who uphold biblical values. In a culture where “love” is often misrepresented, it’s crucial to differentiate between genuine Christian love and the acceptance of all behaviors as equally valid. True love seeks the good of the other, which includes speaking truth about God’s design for human sexuality.

Take Action

A Christian Response to Pride Month

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Together, we can promote and protect God’s design for life, family, and liberty in California’s Church, Capitol, and Culture. By reinforcing biblical principles and staying informed, we can effectively counter the secular agenda and foster a society that honors God’s design.

The Necessity of a Christian Response

The secular push during “Pride Month” highlights the need for a robust Christian response. Articles like “No, It’s Still Not Right” from our friend Dr. Andrew T. Walker emphasize the ongoing battle against a culture that seeks to redefine morality. The commercialization and political endorsement of “Pride Month” demonstrate a departure from biblical values that cannot be ignored.

As Christians, it’s essential to engage in this cultural dialogue, presenting a clear, compassionate, and firm stance on biblical truths. As Pastor Matt Ayers says, “Christians are against Pride Month because we deeply care about the well-being of all of God’s image-bearers.” Our participation is not merely about opposing a cultural trend but about upholding a vision of human dignity and identity rooted in our Creator’s design. This stance is not about exclusion but about inviting people into a deeper understanding of their worth and identity in Christ.

In conclusion, while “Pride Month” and its associated resolutions challenge traditional Christian values, they also present an opportunity for Christians to affirm their faith and educate others about God’s design for human sexuality. Through informed action, support for organizations like CFC, and active engagement in cultural discourse, we can uphold and promote biblical values in a society increasingly at odds with them – especially during “Pride Month.”


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