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SB 233 Just the Latest Hypocritical Abortion Propaganda from Sacramento

In a shocking move that underscores the deep ethical divide in our state, Governor Gavin Newsom has signed SB 233, a new proposal allowing Arizona physicians to perform abortions in California. California Family Council (CFC) vehemently opposes this bill, which prioritizes the termination of unborn lives while ignoring the need for comprehensive, life-affirming healthcare.

Governor Newsom’s initiative fast-tracks temporary licenses for Arizona doctors to conduct abortions in California until November 30, 2024. Ostensibly a reaction to Arizona’s pro-life policies, this legislation starkly contradicts ethical medical practices by promoting abortion over lifesaving care.

CFC’s President Jonathan Keller did not mince words: “This bill not only authorizes doctors to kill babies but blatantly ignores those who strive to save them. It’s an insult to everyone who values life’s sanctity and those who seek to protect the most vulnerable among us.”

SB 233, introduced by Senator Nancy Skinner, represents a dangerous and misguided attempt to facilitate abortion services for Arizona residents seeking abortions in California. This bill allows Arizona physicians to be temporarily registered in California solely for the purpose of providing abortions and related care to Arizona residents, bypassing California’s stringent medical standards and oversight. This temporary registration, valid until November 30, 2024, demands minimal verification, such as holding an Arizona medical license in good standing.

This bill undermines the integrity of medical practice by allowing out-of-state physicians to perform abortions without adhering to California’s rigorous health and safety standards. It fosters an environment where abortion services are isolated from the broader healthcare system, increasing the risk of substandard medical practices and compromising patient safety.

The proponents of SB 233 claim it ensures “continuity of care” for abortionists and their patients. However, this notion is both disingenuous and detached from the reality of abortion procedures. Continuity of care implies a long-term, ongoing relationship between patient and provider, ensuring comprehensive and consistent medical attention. In reality, abortions—especially those facilitated by pill mills or one-off clinical interactions—lack this ongoing relationship. Most women undergoing abortions interact minimally with the provider, often meeting them just once, making any assertion of continuity of care laughable and insincere.

SB 233 is not about improving care but about lowering standards and circumventing essential medical safeguards. This bill places women at greater risk by allowing medical practices that would not be tolerated in any other context. The real issue here is not about continuity of care, but about ensuring that all women receive safe, high-quality medical attention. By opposing SB 233, we stand for the reinforcement of rigorous medical standards, ensuring that healthcare providers in California are subject to consistent and stringent oversight, ultimately protecting the well-being of all patients.

Further, SB 233 exposes a disturbing double standard. It opens the door for abortion providers to practice in California yet offers no similar support for doctors specializing in prenatal and neonatal care—professionals committed to preserving and nurturing life. This deliberate omission highlights the state’s biased prioritization of abortion services over holistic healthcare.

“It is nothing short of moral bankruptcy for our state to open its borders to doctors whose sole intent is to end lives rather than save them,” Keller added. “The hypocrisy exhibited by this bill is deeply troubling and should alarm anyone who values human life.”

Governor Newsom’s broader strategy to make California an abortion “sanctuary” involves allocating over $200 million to expand access to these procedures. This funding includes significant public resources dedicated to facilitating travel and other expenses for out-of-state abortion seekers. Additionally, the state has enacted numerous protective laws for those performing abortions, insulating them from legal action by pro-life states.

Newsom claims he signed SB 233 in response to an Arizona Supreme Court decision allowing a near-total abortion ban to go into effect. However, Arizona’s governor signed a repeal of the state’s pro-life law on May 2, meaning prosecutors could only enforce the existing statute for a few weeks this fall.

Additionally, Arizona’s Attorney General Kris Mayes has indicated “she will do everything she can” to ensure that doctors can continue to provide abortions, even refusing to prosecute clear violations of her state’s pro-life laws. This means SB 233 is not only evil but redundant, as well.

While the state pours resources into promoting abortion, it neglects other critical healthcare areas. California faces ongoing challenges in providing sufficient neonatal care, mental health services, and support for families choosing life—areas that require immediate attention and substantial funding.

“Instead of advancing healthcare that preserves and enhances life, California’s failed leaders focus on facilitating the termination of not only future Californians but now future Arizonans as well,” Keller observed.
CFC urges the public and policymakers to recognize the inherent value of all human lives, from fertilization to natural death. We must advocate for policies that support and protect life rather than those that promote its destruction.

Join us in standing against SB 233 and advocating for a culture that values and protects life at every stage.


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