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Hayward School District Promotes Transgenderism to Students 

Documents reviewed by The Daily Wire reveal that the Hayward Unified School District (HUSD) in California’s Bay Area, which serves more than 19,000 students from preschool through high school, has developed lesson plans and resources focused on advancing radical gender ideology and normalizing transgenderism among children. The district is encouraging elementary students to view films and other resources that advocate for transgenderism and explain treatments like puberty blockers.

A document produced by the district offers a list of “LGBTQ Inclusive Films,” featuring a film recommended for students in 5th grade and older. This particular film revolves around the story of a 12-year-old girl who is “not sure if she wants to be a girl, a boy, or something in between when she grows up.”

“To give her more time to decide, her doctor has put her on a medication that will suppress the hormones that are causing her body to change before she’s ready,” a summary of the film reads.

HUSD is also promoting a film titled, Straightlaced: How Gender’s Got Us All Tied Up, which denies common sense and basic biology when it comes to sex. In the film’s trailer, a character states, “I like to play with gender roles because it confuses people” and “I like it when a guy thinks that I’m a girl and then figures out that I’m not a girl, I love that.”

Additionally, the district’s “safe and inclusive” books initiative for elementary students highlights stories featuring themes such as “different family structures like two moms or two dads” and “gender identity.” A detailed four-page guide on “Inclusive, Anti-Biased, Anti-Racist, LGBTQIA+ Titles & Vendors” for students from kindergarten to 12th grade outlines the district’s commitment to being “actively anti-racist” and its focus on supporting “BIPOC-owned, women-owned, and LGBTQIA+-owned businesses.”

To make matters worse, this document also guides readers toward various LGBT-themed book lists for young children, including collections like “Rainbow Reads: LGBTQ+ Picture Books” and “Fantastic Bi- and Lesbian Books by Black authors.”

HUSD has even devised a “Template for Pride Flag Ceremony” which instructs readers on how to properly hoist a pride flag during pride month. This template includes directions for speakers to discuss the history of the event and the significance of being an ally while staff distribute rainbow bracelets and “take pictures together with allies at the flagpole.”

In a separate resource to guide teachers on “SWAG Ideas for Pride Month,” the district offers suggestions for “possible swag you can provide and offer by invitation to students or staff to use to show their allyship,” and recommends items like “pride/ally ribbons” and “mini pride flags.” Furthermore, staff members are encouraged to purchase t-shirts with the message “protect trans kids.”

Lastly, the Daily Wire discovered a document from HUSD titled, “LGBTQIA+, Gender, & Pride in HUSD” that comprises over 90 pro-LGBT resources. These range from “Lesson Plans to Create Gender Expansive Classrooms” to “Trans-positive picture books” supposedly suitable for children in kindergarten and beyond.

One lesson plan focusing on “gender and identity,” designed for K-12 students, posits that “Understanding gender and identity necessitates recognizing their complex and evolving aspects.” The plan emphasizes the importance of respecting and supporting individuals in their “self-identified genders.” Additionally, it discusses the use of gender-neutral language, including the pronoun “they.”

There is no doubt that this school district aims to indoctrinate California children. As always, parents need to be vigilant and remain keenly aware of what their children are being taught and exposed to in school so they can speak out and protect their children from adopting a deeply harmful worldview. 

One such way of speaking out and taking a stand for children’s innocence is to attend the White Rose Resistance March for Our Children on January 13th, at Miller Park and Amphitheater in Fontana, CA. California Family Council will be there and we can’t wait to march with you all! Learn more and register here.


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