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Biden Admin Proposes Rule to Force Foster Parents to Affirm LGBT Ideology 

The Biden administration has introduced new regulations for foster care, defining anyone who rejects LGBTQ ideology as unfit to parent. 

The regulations under consideration state, “to be considered a safe and appropriate placement, a provider is expected to utilize the child’s identified pronouns, chosen name, and allow the child to dress in an age-appropriate manner that the child believes reflects their self-identified gender identity and expression.” In other words, the Biden administration considers individuals who disagree with the idea that a child can be born in the wrong body as unfit for the role of foster parents.

According to The Federalist, the rationale behind these new regulations relies on questionable science, formulated and promoted by activist organizations and individuals whose livelihoods hinge on endorsing the “transition” of children. A prime example is the Biden administration’s frequent reference to a survey conducted by activists at The Trevor Project. The Biden administration seeks to restrict children from loving homes based on the findings of a scientific study derived from a self-selected online survey conducted by an activist group.

The proposed regulations do, however, contain a section that offers protections for religious liberty. “As the Supreme Court has recently made clear, the First Amendment protects faith-based entities that provide foster care services,” reads the proposal. “Consistent with this protection, the proposed rule, if adopted, would not require any faith-based provider to seek designation as a safe and appropriate provider for LGBTQI+ children as described in this proposed rule if the provider had sincerely held religious objections to doing so.” 

Unfortunately, a similar regulation already exists in California, but it does not offer these same protections for religious liberty. In September, Governor Newsom signed SB 407, which requires all foster care families to be affirming of all LGBTQ+ gender and sexual orientations and medical transitioning treatments whether they have LGBTQ-identified foster kids or not. There are no exemptions for religious belief systems that teach gender is binary and based on biology, or that hold to biblical views of sexuality.

Nathanael Blake of The Federalist argues that regulations such as these are just the beginning of the left’s plan to take children away from Christian parents. “Cutting Christians and other dissenters from the sexual revolution out of the foster care system is only the start,” Blake writes. “Given the government control of the foster care system, this is a convenient place for the left to establish the precedent that rejecting gender ideology and the rest of the LGBT movement’s dogmas is abusive and harmful to children and that those who do so are unfit parents. Once they have set this point, they’ll expand it to everyone else — after all, if it’s abuse for foster parents, it’s abuse for biological parents as well.”

He goes on to say that attempting to separate children from parents deemed “non-affirming” is the logical outcome of the lie that children are born LGBT and that sexual and gender “identities” form the fundamental essence of our existence. The conviction that nothing holds more authenticity or significance than sexual desire and gender identity is the driving force behind the fervent efforts of the LGBT movement to influence and shape the identities of other people’s children.

Further, subscribing to the LGBT ideology leads to “gender-affirming medical care,” which seeks to address psychological distress by significantly altering the patient’s body through drugs and surgery that are entirely medically unnecessary, and, in fact, medically harmful.

The Biden administration and California’s government leaders are not preventing child abuse, as they claim to be. Rather, they are promoting child abuse. 



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