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Pro Life People are Not Anti-Woman

Since the pro life law was signed by Governor Kay Ivey, a small but very loud portion of the country has taken to their keyboards to protest and claim that pro lifers are anti woman.

One woman tweeted:

Dear Pro-Life friends: what have you *personally* done to support lower income single mothers? 

I’ll wait:


Her tweet has since gone viral, so far getting thirteen thousand comments – a large portion of them from pro life people sharing stories of what they have done to support women – specifically the lower income single mothers referred to in the tweet asking the original question. The responses are amazing:

The responses are overwhelming, and it’s amazing to hear what pro life people are doing to support single moms out there.

You can read the entire thread on Twitter here. It’s probably the single best thing I’ve eve read on Twitter. In politics, sometimes it’s to easy to get caught up in echo chambers and forget that the people on the other side of your political perspective are actually human. This Twitter thread illustrates the humanity of the pro life movement in very tangible, personal ways.


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