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CA Awards Grant to Nonprofit Promoting New Gender Identities Such As “Foxgender”

California has granted a nine-year grant to an organization that promotes outrageous new gender identities, including “foxgender,” and instructs school districts on ways to conceal this information from parents.

According to the The Daily Wire, the California Department of Public Health allocated a total of $2.3 million to Gender Spectrum, a nonprofit entity, for initiatives that involve formulating “concrete strategies for applying the lens of gender diversity to school practices,” according to an oversight organization OpenTheBooks.

The grant is being given to Gender Spectrum so it can conduct a “rigorous evaluation” of the effectiveness of its own programs.

One of their programs involves creating a six-page document for students to communicate their preferred pronouns and specify whether school personnel should refrain from sharing these pronouns with their parents.

During the group’s annual Gender Spectrum Family Conference last year, the manager of family and educational programming, Naomi Cruz, gave a presentation titled, “Intro to Neoidentities and Neopronouns.” She said pronouns may “describe gender as a personal, aesthetic, synesthetic, or head-space oriented experience” and can include “noun genders” like “foxgender, moongender, and rockgender,” or even “emojiself pronouns,” such as “:)self.”

Cruz explained someone may choose the pronoun “foxself” if they identify with “aspects of a fox, whether that’s their appearance, their personality, or how they’re viewed in society.” The Daily Wire reasonably quipped, “It is unclear why youth do not have to gain permission from foxes before appropriating them.”

Gender Spectrum’s annual conference also emphasized that young people are on a “gender journey,” and their gender identities may evolve with time, but parents should offer their support to validate these identities.

California initially granted $1.1 million to the organization for a “pilot project” spanning from 2017 to 2022. This was later extended until 2026, with the funding amount doubling, as revealed by OpenTheBooks.

The grant application states that “41.5% of transgender youth have seriously considered attempting suicide” and argues that affirming different gender identities in schools will improve mental health. 

The grant application also says that through the program, “cisgender young people will have a greater understanding of gender (knowledge, beliefs and attitudes) leading them to be more comfortable with their own gender expression.”

Taxpayers should never have to fund the promotion of such harmful propaganda. Most importantly, indoctrination does nothing to improve mental health. It only feeds lies to confused and vulnerable young people who are desperate for the truth. 

Unfortunately, this is another example of how California’s leadership has prioritized an outlandish progressive agenda detached from reality over real improvements to education. 



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