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Woman Arrested for Threatening CA School Board Members

After voting to implement a policy mandating that schools inform parents if students request to identify as a different gender, the president of the Chino Valley Unified School District (CVUSD) Board received death threats directed at her, her children, and even her pets. 

CVUSD president Sonja Shaw revealed in an interview on “Washington Watch with Tony Perkins” that her district received an anonymous phone call threatening her life and threatening to “dismember” her, just one day after the vote was taken. Thankfully, a woman has been arrested in connection to the threats. 

According to CBS News, 52-year-old Rebecca Morgan was taken into custody on August 1st for charges of issuing threats to Shaw.

Law enforcement authorities suspect her to be one of several individuals who have sent threats to the Chino Valley Unified School District using social media, emails, and other messaging platforms.

The investigation into these threats began on July 21st, following a male suspect’s phone call to the school district’s office during which he threatened to target Sonja Shaw, the President of the CVUSD Board.

“I’m so grateful for our amazing police department. Their efforts and dedication to ensure our safety has given my family a tremendous amount of peace that was taken from us,” Shaw said. 

The Chino Police Department investigated the threat and discovered that the individual resided in a different state. Collaborating with other law enforcement entities to locate the suspect, they unveiled additional malicious emails and social media content originating from various suspects, which included Rebecca Morgan, targeting several members of the school board.

While Rebecca Morgan awaits her court appearance, the Chino Police Department is actively engaged in efforts to identify and apprehend the individuals who sent the remaining messages to the school board.

Despite the threats directed at her and fellow board members, Shaw said this is just the beginning for her. She plans to continue doing everything in power to protect children from radical gender ideology. She said she draws her resilience directly from the teachings of the Bible.

“People from all over the nation have called, emailed and continue to write letters of support and saying this gave them hope,” she said. “A few years ago, when I joined this journey, God kept showing me hope [in] Jeremiah 29:11.” 

“I have drawn closer and closer to God during this time and look to Him for direction and protection.”

Hopefully, every person responsible for sending the threatening messages is held accountable. No one should feel unsafe simply for doing their job. However, Christians should expect this kind of backlash when doing God’s work. 

Christian leaders need to stand firm, undeterred by intimidation, and emulate the fortitude and bravery demonstrated by individuals like Shaw. May they place their faith in God and rely on His protection. 



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