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CA LGBTQ Caucus Seeks to Ban School Districts from Passing Parent Notification Policies

California Family Council (CFC) calls on all Californians to stand against Assembly Bill 1955 (AB 1955), a legislative proposal that threatens to exclude parents from critical aspects of their children’s lives and development.

AB 1955, authored by Assemblyman Chris Ward, prohibits schools from implementing policies requiring parental notification regarding their child’s gender identity or gender expression without the pupil’s consent. It advanced through the California Senate Education Committee today and is now headed to the Senate Appropriations Committee.

Author of #AB1955 @AsmChrisWard opened the hearing
claiming “to ensure that families are able to have personal conversations and work towards family acceptance on their own terms.”

Even though truth is: AB 1955 marginalizes parents, preventing them from receiving critical… pic.twitter.com/oZQq8C2spy

— CA Family Council (@CAFamily) May 29, 2024

Senator Scott Wiener, an LGBTQ Caucus member, was slightly more blunt when explaining why he supports AB 1955. Speaking at a Pride Month ceremony in San Francisco, he addressed the issue of children coming out to their parents. He stated, “That’s our decision and no one else’s damn business. We are going to make that clear in the law in the state of California.”

In the May 29 hearing, several testimonies highlighted the severe implications of this bill. Aurora Regino, a mother currently suing the Chico Unified School District, shared her harrowing experience: “My daughter was influenced by her school to believe that her sadness was because she was really a boy. Without informing me, the school encouraged and cemented this male identity for my daughter behind my back.”

Dr. Arthur de Lorimier, Health Sciences Clinical Professor, Pediatric Gastroenterology at UC Davis Health, testified against AB 1955, stating, “Parents must be involved in their gender dysphoric children’s lives from the inception of any new identity. Schools should not conduct psychological interventions without parental consent. Gender dysphoric youth are at greater risk of suicide due to the distress of dysphoria, not from being unaffirmed.”

Attorney Erin Friday also emphasized the risks, noting, “Parents are the only ones able to keep their children safe. Schools advising children to lie to their parents about their gender identity erodes trust and safety within the family unit.”

AB 1955 undermines the foundational role of parents and the crucial partnership between parents and educators. It is a direct violation of the constitutional rights upheld by the Supreme Court in Washington v. Glucksberg, which reaffirms the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment protecting parents’ fundamental right to direct the care, upbringing, and education of their children.

Jonathan Keller, President of California Family Council, stated, “Mothers and fathers should never be excluded from their vital role of directing the care and education of their children. AB 1955 marginalizes parents and prevents them from being informed partners in addressing issues of gender identity, which is essential for the well-being of their sons and daughters.”

CFC urges all concerned citizens to take action:

  1. Contact Your State Senator: Send a letter urging them to vote NO on AB 1955.
  2. Spread the Word: Forward this message to five friends or family members and encourage them to get involved.
  3. Share on Social Media: Post about the dangers of AB 1955 and rally others to join the cause.

For more information on how to get involved and to access resources, please visit our grassroots campaign here:



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