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Parental Rights Advocates Support New Parent Notification Policy Introduced in Chino School District

A group of parental rights advocates, in conjunction with Assemblyman Bill Essayli, is proud to support a new parental rights policy being proposed by Chino Valley Unified School District’s president Sonja Shaw to make sure schools aren’t keeping secrets from parents about their children.  

The Parental Notification Policy being introduced for the first reading this Thursday, June 15, requires schools to notify parents if: 

  • Their children have had any significant physical injury while at school; 
  • A school employee suspects or has knowledge of a student’s suicidal intentions; 
  • There is any incident or complaint of a verbal or physical altercation involving their child;
  • A student is requesting to be identified or treated, as a gender other than the student’s biological sex. 

A recently released Rasmussen poll shows California voters strongly support a parent notification policy like the one described above. According to a Rassmussen report released today, “Eighty-four percent (84%) of California voters would support a local law that required parents to be notified of any major change in a child’s physical, mental, or emotional health or academic performance, including 66% who would Strongly Support such a law. … If such a law included notifying parents of a child identifying, requesting to identify, or being treated as a gender that doesn’t align with their biological sex, 62% of California voters would be more likely to support it.”

“This policy is meant to foster trust between district employees, and our students’ parents and guardians,” Shaw said. “I stand for the authority of parents to guide the upbringing of their children and their involvement in decisions related to their education, health, safety, and wellbeing.” “Schools should never keep secrets from parents, nor put teachers in a position where they have to lie to them,” she said.

Assemblyman Essayli introduced a similar parent notification proposal earlier this year to require schools to notify parents when a child has been socially transitioned at school to a new gender. Encouraged by the California Department of Education, schools throughout California have been secretly changing the names and pronouns of transgender-identified students, but keeping this information from parents. Several parents have filed lawsuits against schools who secretly transitioned their children. A teacher has also filed a lawsuit against her school after she lost her job for refusing to deceive parents about the gender identity of their children. 

“My bill, AB 1314, was a commonsense proposal that would have required parental notification when schools attempt to transition the gender of a student,” said Assemblyman Bill Essayli. “It was stopped by the supermajority Democrat Party in Sacramento despite strong support from parents. While they certainly have the votes to control the agenda in Sacramento, they do not have the votes to stop us in our communities. 

“Today we reclaim the power of the people and put this issue in the hands of every concerned parent across the state. I'm joining with a coalition of parents’ rights advocates to promote parent notification policies, like the one proposed at CVUSD, that any parent can bring to their local school board for implementation. I’m confident that parental rights will prevail over partisan politics in Sacramento,” Essayli said.

The Coalition for Parental Rights includes the following organizations:

  • Real Impact
  • California Family Council
  • Capitol Resource Institute
  • Our Duty
  • Partners for Ethical Care
  • California Policy Center
  • Pacific Justice Institute
  • National Center for Law and Policy 
  • Mom Army Advocates for Faith & Freedom
  • For Kids & Country
  •  Mom’s For Liberty


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