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CA Lawmaking has Begun for 2023: See the Good and Bad

With Governor Gavin Newsom getting sworn into his second term of office last week in a private inauguration ceremony, and the 120 state legislators back in Sacramento, lawmaking is in full swing. Thousands of bills will be introduced within the next two months with hopes of making it to the governor’s desk after a long and arduous approval process. 

California Family Council is here representing the interests of Christians concerned about the legislature’s efforts to disassemble the nuclear family, attack parental rights, promote immorality, devalue human beings, and push the culture away from God and his moral law. We encourage you to pay attention to the legislation being introduced and make sure your elected representatives are voting for and against bills that respect God’s commands and enable your neighbors to flourish. 

We make this easy with our Legislation Watch List, which tracks bills of concern and bills we think are worthy of support. This online list automatically updates the status of bills and lets you know when key committee and floor votes are happening. You can always find a link for this watch list at the top of our website. 

Bills we oppose

  • A.B. 5: A bill to provide tools and training so public school teachers can create a school culture that embraces a harmful LGBTQ worldview about identity and sexual behavior in order to make LGBTQ-identified kids feel supported.

  • S.B. 36: A bill to prohibit CA courts from helping with the arrest and detention of fugitives from other states who have broken those states’ laws banning abortion or sterilizing trans-drugs and mutilating surgeries on minors.

  • S.B. 58: A bill to decriminalize various harmful hallucinogens for recreational use.

  • S.B.59: A bill requiring the state to provide free menstrual products in women’s and men’s bathrooms in all state-owned buildings and other state-supported hospitals, even though men don’t need them.

Bills we support

  • AB 18: A bill to require convicted sellers and manufacturers of illicit drugs be given a notice that they can be charged with murder if someone dies of the drugs they sold or manufactured.

  • AB 23: This bill would amend Proposition 47 by reducing the threshold amount for petty theft and shoplifting from $950 to $400.

  • SB 14: This bill would define human trafficking as a serious and violent felony for purposes of the Three Strikes Law.



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