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Gov. Newsom Signs Bill to Block Other States from Enforcing Pro-Life Laws

Last week, Gov. Newsom signed a slew of pro-abortion bills into law, one of which will further his radical abortion agenda beyond California and stand in the way of pro-life legislation in other states. 

AB 1242 prohibits tech companies based in California, such as Google, Meta (Facebook), Twitter, and Instagram from providing personally identifiable information to law enforcement officials in other states investigating illegal abortions. Data pertaining to geolocation, search histories, and social media messages from people accused of illegal involvement in performing or obtaining an abortion will be required to be kept private, even if law enforcement shows a search warrant or subpoena. 

The new law will also prohibit any kind of cooperation between the state of California and law enforcement officials in states with pro-life laws if those officials are investigating an abortion considered illegal in their states but lawful in California.

 Out-of-state officials “seeking data or records from corporations in California” will be required to “provide an attestation that the investigation does not involve any crime related to an abortion that is lawful under California law.”

 This could affect the 14 states that have passed near-total abortion bans, and the several others that have implemented various abortion restrictions. AB 1242 will prevent them from using online data sourced by California-based companies to penalize abortionists and anyone who assists in obtaining an abortion.

For example, earlier this year, a mother in Nebraska allegedly helped her pregnant daughter use abortion pills to deliver a late-term baby, after which the two “wrapped him in plastic to smother him and lit him on fire and then buried the body.”

The pregnant teen and her mother reportedly planned the illegal abortion via Facebook messages and coordinated the disposal of the body. Law enforcement officials provided Facebook with a search warrant to obtain the messages and carry out a criminal investigation. Under AB 1242, this investigation would be incredibly difficult, if not impossible. 

Further, according to LifeSite News, the law puts Big Tech companies in a difficult position, as they are caught between opposing laws. Companies that violate AB 1242 by cooperating with law enforcement from pro-life states could be prosecuted by California’s attorney general. However, companies that obey the law could be penalized by the pro-life states whose laws they’ve ignored.

This is not the first time a new California bill has impacted other states and violated their rights. Last month, Governor Newsom signed SB 107 into law, empowering state courts to remove out-of-state children from their parent’s custody if those children come to California because they can’t get sterilizing transgender drugs and mutilating surgeries in their home states or because their parents object to these experimental treatments for gender dysphoria.

Gov. Newsom’s dangerous agenda is now impacting the entire country. He is disregarding the rights and laws of other states, abusing his power, and endangering lives beyond California. 


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