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California School District Seeks to “Dismantle Heteronormativity”

San Diego Unified School District is now teaching academic “queer theory” to K-12 students with the goal of dismantling “heteronormativity” and promoting radical sexual identities, such as “genderqueer,” “non-binary,” “pansexual,” and “two-spirit.”

Christopher Rufo retrieved several publicly accessible documents from the district that reveal this ideological push. The materials espouse queer theory, which claims that white Europeans fabricated a false “gender binary” and used the labels of “male” and “female” to assert dominance over racial and sexual minorities.

Included in the materials was a training for facilitators of LGBT student groups that teaches educators that the system of “heteronormativity” forces students to conform to the following norms: “they are ‘assigned’ a sex at birth, pressed into the identities of ‘man’ and ‘woman,’ and expected to have heterosexual relationships culminating in ‘marriage (and kids).’”

The presentation calls this “gender binary” a “limited system [that] excludes and oppresses trans, nonbinary, intersex, and gender-nonconforming people.”

The district claims that this gender binary creates an unjust society with “heterosexual and cisgender privilege,” resulting in “institutional power” for straight men and women. It then argues that dismantling “heteronormativity” and the “gender binary” is the solution to this problem.

Included in the documents was also a program of gender ideology instruction with the explicit goal of undermining the traditional definition of sex and promoting new sexual identities, such as “transgender,” “genderqueer,” “non-binary,” “pansexual,” “asexual,” and “two-spirit.”

Further, this ideology has infiltrated the district’s sexual-education program. San Diego Unified and Planned Parenthood teamed up to produce a training in which administrators walk teachers through the new “identities” and instruct them to eliminate traditional language from their vocabulary. The training teaches that men are to be called “people with a penis” and women are to be called “people with a vulva,” because the district believes that women can have penises and men can have vulvas.

Even more concerning, the district notes that teachers can assist a child in their gender transition without parental consent and that, under California law, minors can consent to pregnancy testing, birth control, and abortion.

Lastly, the training offers sample questions that teachers can address in the classroom, including: “Is it okay to masturbate?”; “How do gay people have sex?”;  and “What is porn?” In another training, the district suggests that teachers lead discussions on “how to use a condom” and how to engage in “safer oral sex” and “safer anal sex.”

“Dismantling heteronormativity” is a nonsensical and destructive goal that threatens to undermine the foundation of society. K-12 students should be learning how to cultivate virtue and seek the truth, not discard basic biology and human nature. San Diego students deserve true education – not ideologically driven, inappropriate and perverted ideas.


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