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The Left’s Politics and Religion are Indistinguishable

One prominent organization in Washington, D.C. sends weekly emails covering topics such as race, gender ideology, the environment, and immigration with talking points that sound familiar to those of the Democratic Party. What’s surprising about this? The organization is a church.

Unfortunately, this is becoming commonplace for houses of worship throughout the country. Certain congregations have voiced their support for Black Lives Matter, gender ideology, modern feminism (condoning abortion), and more. These religious communities are beginning to act as extensions “of the same institutional left that controls mainstream media, academia, the entertainment industry, and the federal bureaucracy,” as Casey Chalk of the American Conservative puts it.

For the left, a secularized religion (worshipping perceived virtues) and politics are constantly overlapping, meaning true faith in God and objective truth are being phased out by an ideology that elevates the individual to the status of God. Rather than adhering to long-standing tenants of traditional faith and objective morality, the left is aiming to establish its own utopian secular order in which individuals create and direct their own reality. This is most notably demonstrated by gender ideology, in which every person gets to choose their gender.

Now, the religion of progressivism is not only infiltrating churches, but also education. LGBTQ ideology and Critical Race Theory are becoming the new religion of public schools.

CRT, gender ideology, and the progressive worldview are based on subjective metaphysical beliefs about the human person. The idea, for example, that one’s gender is a choice is entirely devoid of factual origins.

The left clamors for separation of church and state when conservatives promote biblical principles, yet it fails to recognize that it is imposing its own religion. Ironically, Coach Kennedy – who California Family Council supported in an amicus brief – has been attacked for simple private prayers that no one was forced to participate in while the religion of the radical left is being taught to children in government institutions. Children in schools are being forced to participate in CRT and gender identity discussions without parental knowledge or consent. Just to name a couple of recent incidents in California: leaked documents revealed that teachers are recruiting students for LGBTQ clubs; an Oakland school is subverting parents with a “transition closet” where students can change into clothes that align with their gender identity.

While it infringes upon the religious liberty of Christians, as in Coach Kennedy’s case, the left forces its own religion onto the masses. As Chalk writes, “The left’s hypocrisy and moral poverty must be highlighted and censured. For it is their institutions, rather than ours, that have truly melded church and state in a manner that threatens to turn the republic into a frightening dystopia.”



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