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Leaked Documents Show How CA Teachers are Recruiting Students for LGBTQ Clubs

The Washington Examiner recently obtained leaked documents that reveal the California Teachers Association distributed packets instructing teachers on how to propagandize students with LGBTQ gender ideology.

One section recommends establishing LGBTQ clubs in elementary schools where children are just ten years old or younger. It also encourages teachers to actively recruit students to be club leaders. The packet even provides an area where teachers can write down the names of students they think would be interested in the club.

The guide asks teachers how much money they are “willing to put into this project,” meaning teachers are at least partially funding what are supposed to be student-led clubs. Clearly, teachers are leading these clubs and recruiting students as pawns to help spread radical propaganda.

“What is said here, stays here,” reads the ground rules for these clubs, encouraging students to hide information from their parents. The guide even asks teachers to list allies “who would support this project” and enemies who would oppose it. Their only concern is the advancement of their dangerous agenda.

The CTA also provided suggested activities, which are just as disturbing. It includes a list of 52 videos such as  Drag as a Tool for Self-Advocacy,” Queer Black Cosplay,” Growing Up Intersex,”  Coming out GAY to my 5-year-old brother and an animated music video called Everyone is Gay. Their mission is clearly to groom young children into identifying as LGBTQ or somewhere on the gender spectrum.

It also recommends that teachers ask students their Kinsey Scale rating, which is referred to as the “Am I gay? Test.” The Kinsey Scale is a tool used to determine someone’s “level of homosexuality.”

This teaches children the lie that “sexuality is fluid” and non-binary. It’s entirely inappropriate for teachers to be promoting this test to children, much less using the test during class time.

“Children are being indoctrinated. Teachers are trying to encourage different sexualities among students. It’s disturbing, and it’s violating young and innocent minds,” said a member of the California Teachers Association who spoke to the Washington Examiner. 

Activist teachers are willing to go to great lengths to brainwash children, feed them harmful lies, and force them to adopt anti-Christian worldviews. They manipulate children’s minds and deeply distort their view of human sexuality while they are still too young to be learning about such topics.

Meanwhile, parents are left completely in the dark. They have been denied their right to decide how and what their child learns. Human sexuality in particular should be addressed at home. At the very least, lessons on the topic at school should only be offered with the parents’ explicit consent.

More parents would likely opt their children out of these lessons if they had easy access to the lessons being taught. Leftist educators and the California Teachers Association know this, which is why they keep their tactics concealed.

No school in the country should tolerate this deception and abuse of power from teachers. The innocence and healthy development of children’s minds are in danger.


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