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Orange County School Board Bans CRT!

In an exciting change-of-pace for California, an Orange County school board passed a resolution banning Critical Race Theory (CRT) in public schools.

“The Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District desires to uplift and unite students by not imposing the responsibility of historical transgressions in the past and instead will engage students of all cultures in age-appropriate critical thinking that helps students navigate the past, present, and future,” reads the resolution.

While the resolution goes on to affirm efforts to promote “diversity,” “equity,” and “culturally relevant” teaching practices, it explicitly states that the district “will not allow the use of Critical Race Theory as a framework to guide such efforts.”

Board member Leandra Blades rightfully argued that politics should be kept out of the classroom, and this is what the resolution aims to do.

CRT is Marxist propaganda based on false assumptions about our country. It teaches children that America is inherently racist and oppressive to minorities. It reduces individuals into mere members of certain groups and characterizes them based on the color of their skin. In other words, students are instilled with a racist lens through which to view one another and the world. 

While many on the left claim that CRT is not taught in schools, a number of schools across California have been caught promoting CRT-infused lessons, resources, and ideas. 

Politically-charged ideas have no place in education. Students should be focusing on subjects and discussions that enhance their minds, sharpen vital skills, instill virtue, and lead them to the Truth.

Without proper education that aims to form principled statesmen, our country will surely be destroyed from within. CRT is the opposite of true education, as it forms radical, brainwashed revolutionaries. Because it is a racist worldview based on lies, it can only corrupt children’s minds and cause them harm.

Thankfully, the Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District is helping point education in our state in the right direction.

This is incredibly encouraging news. The grassroots movement from Orange County is paving the way for other school boards to finally protect children from radical indoctrination. By electing the right school board members and making parents’ voices are heard, families can take back schools across the state.

Placentia-Yorba Linda Unified School District isn’t the first California district to ban CRT. Last year, the Paso Robles Joint Unified School District also banned the “fatally flawed” ideology.

The school board president called it “an absolutely disgusting racist ideology that has been developed with the intention of really driving a wedge between various groups in America, various ethnic groups, and to use that to absolutely ruin our nation.” 

The decisions of both of these school boards are an excellent start in transforming the educational landscape in California.



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