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CA Educators: Stop Attacking Our Kids on the Basis of Race

Once again, California schools have been caught indoctrinating children with Critical Race Theory (CRT) ideology, while the administrators and politicians deny it. The latest case of CRT infiltration happened at Riverside Unified School District (RUSD). The district displayed a racist essay that The Federalist obtained before it was removed from the district’s website.

The essay, titled “Decentering Whiteness,” promotes racism by condemning groups of people based on their skin color. It villainizes all white people as oppressors and claims that “attacking whiteness is not enough.” It even argues that “whiteness” should be pushed to “the margin.”

The 19-page essay also instructed readers to “assume whiteness, and race, always structures our experience, and thus needs to be consciously considered as part of any social process.” The district is teaching staff and students to hyperfocus on race and assume it to be the reason for all societal ills.

The district promoted the essay three different times under the “Professional Learning,” “Community Engagement,” and “Culture and Climate” sections of their resources page.

Unfortunately, this is not the district’s first offense. The Federalist previously reported that Riverside Superintendent Renee Hill and Board of Education member Tom Hunt intentionally lied about the presence of Critical Race Theory (CRT) in the district’s curriculum.

Parents must unite and revolt against RUSD and all schools that promote discrimination.

CRT threatens to paint our country as a nation divided into groups based on immutable characteristics. Educators want our children to believe that the color of their skin determines whether they are oppressors or victims. This undermines the importance of one’s actions, and tells children that their character lies in something they have no control over.

This is the exact opposite of what we should be teaching our children.

There is no reason for these ideas to be on a school district’s website for young children to access, as they have nothing to do with education. In fact, CRT is fundamentally at odds with real, evidence-based education.

CRT acts as a dogma and condemns any alternative viewpoints, disallowing children from learning the importance of exploring all sides of an argument. It does not allow for thoughtful conversations about race, but presents itself as unquestionable truth. This is not education, but Marxist propaganda.

These administrators are only interested in selfishly promoting their own dangerous ideas in our schools funded by our taxpayer money. Luckily, we have the power to make a change. Several parents in San Francisco started a recall effort to oust three of their school board members who were prioritizing leftist ideology over real education. We must follow their lead and demand change through grassroots movements.

It’s time for California schools to return to traditional, evidence-based education. Let’s make this known to administrators by speaking out at school board meetings, voting for conservative candidates, and even removing our children from public schools if we’re able. 

Please pray that all parents wake up to the danger of CRT and do everything in their power to shield their children from it.


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