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CA Lowers Cost for Abortion, Further Desensitizes the Masses to Killing the Unborn Child

Pro-abortion lawmakers are rightfully concerned that Roe v. Wade will soon be overturned as we await a decision on the Dobbs Supreme Court case. To combat the success of the pro-life movement, they are focusing their efforts on expanding abortion access and dehumanizing the unborn.

California already forces health insurance providers to cover abortions, but insurers are currently permitted to charge co-pays and deductibles. But that all chanced last week when the legislators approved and Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill that would ban out-of-pocket expenses for abortions under private health insurance plans. 

California lawmakers are even attempting to expand abortion access for women in other states. They also introduced a bill that would allow taxpayers to pay for women in other more restrictive states to travel to California seeking abortions. The Abortion Practical Support Fund would give grants to nonprofits that help mothers get abortions.

Both initiatives would undoubtedly lead to more abortions in California. Eliminating the costs associated with the procedure incentivizes patients to seek abortions “beyond any other health care choices,” noted California Family Council president Jonathan Keller. Women who may not have sought an abortion otherwise may if it is substantially cheaper than other options.

“The real tragedy is in the state we now are really treating abortion like we treat no other health care services,” said Keller. “We do not see the Assembly today, for example, vote to make dialysis free. We did not see the Assembly vote to make insulin free.”

Lowering the cost of abortion not only makes the procedure more accessible, it also further dehumanizes the unborn. With decreased costs comes decreased sensitivity to the profoundly tragic act.

The bill is one of many ways that abortion advocates are working to dehumanize the unborn. Medical professionals are even playing Orwellian language games. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) published a “Guide to Language and Abortion” in which it instructs doctors not to use the words “baby” or “unborn child” when talking to a pregnant mother. 

Mothers are now more likely than ever to view abortion as they would any other medical procedure because the abortion industry has obscured the truth. In reality, abortion is the opposite of healthcare. Instead of improving one’s health or fixing a problem, abortion deeply harms one life and ends another.

Post-abortive women live with crippling pain and regret, regardless of how desensitized they are to the procedure. Most importantly, science clearly shows us that the unborn are fully human, and natural law and the scriptures tells us that ending another life is deeply immoral.



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