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CA Legislature Introduces 11 Abortion Bills Threatening Children and Their Mothers

Despite having some of the most pro-abortion laws in the union, state legislators are making good on their promise to make California a destination spot for the nation’s abortions. As the deadline for bill introductions ended last Friday, the California Family Council found eleven new abortion bills among hundreds of bills introduced. The proposed laws include abortion-training scholarships for medical students, childcare funding for women traveling to the state for their abortions, and plans to lower abortion safety standards. 

These bills seek to implement the dictates of 40 abortion-providing and promoting organizations that coalesced last September into the California Future of Abortion Council. With the blessing of Governor Gavin Newsom and Democratic legislative leaders, the coalition published a report detailing 45 legislative recommendations they want implemented to eliminate “barriers to abortion services” and support “equitable and affordable access to abortion care for Californians and all who seek care here.”

The following is a brief list of the introduced abortion bills with a short explanation of their intent.  Some of the proposals only have a short summary of intent, with the bill details to come within the next few weeks. California Family Council will be tracking these bills as they go through the legislative process, giving you additional details as they are revealed, and letting you know when and how you to make your voice heard. As Christians, we are called to be a voice for the voiceless and defend the vulnerable. Who in California is more helpless than an unborn baby? May God bless and help us in our efforts. 

SB 1142: Money to Facilitate Abortion Tourism: This bill provides abortion supporting organizations “direct logistical and practical support” for abortion patients from anywhere in the country. This includes “among other things, child care,” while the mother is getting an abortion. 

SB 1375: Lowering Abortion Safety Standards: This bill removes some of the doctor oversight requirements for nurses who are doing abortions. 

SB 1245: Equitable Abortion Access: This bill would create and fund a pilot program in the County of Los Angeles to “ensure equitable access to abortion care.”

AB 1666: Response to Texas Abortion Ban: This bill prohibits a California court from enforcing any civil action from another state against a person who helps, aides, or abets someone in getting an abortion. This bill is targeted at states like Texas that have implemented abortion bans enforced by civil lawsuits. 

AB 1918: Abortion Scholarships: This bill would provide scholarships to increase the number of medical students and residents receiving abortion training. 

AB 2091: Abortion Privacy: This bill “intends to enact legislation relating to the reproductive privacy of out-of-state residents.” (That is all the bill says so far.)

AB 2134: Eliminate Abortion Costs: This bill will enact the California Abortion and Reproductive Equity Act to make sure cost is not a barrier to someone getting an abortion. (That is all the bill says so far.)

AB 2223: Abortion Bill: “This bill would state the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation that would relate to reproductive health.” (That is all the bill says so far).

AB 2320: Abortion Grants Targeting the Poor: This bill would create a pilot program in five counties to provide money to abortion clinics to increase the services provided to “marginalized patients.” 

AB 2586: Abortion Disparity Study Group: This bill would create a working group “to examine the root causes of reproductive health and sexual health disparities in the state” and make recommendations on “how to decrease reproductive health and sexual health disparities that cover specified topics, including barriers to abortion access and contraception.”

AB 2698: Changing Who Performs Abortions: This bill plans to change who is authorized to perform an abortion and how old the unborn baby has to be before an abortion can be performed. 

SB 245: Making Insurance Cover All Abortions: This bill, introduced last year, requires all health insurance policies to cover abortions with no co-payments or deductibles. It has already been approved by the Senate and is ready to be voted on in the Assembly at any time. Call your Assembly member on this bill today. Click here for instructions. 



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