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CA prosecutors attempt to rig Daleiden trial

In 2019, David Daleiden and journalists with the Center for Medical Progress exposed Planned Parenthood’s illegal fetal part trafficking with undercover video footage.

Planned Parenthood then attempted to impose Daleiden and fellow CMP journalist Sandra Merritt with burdensome fines while spreading lies about the videos.

Now, Daleiden is on trial and could face jail time for recording Planned Parenthood employees talking about body part trafficking and allegedly breaking conference rules.

Corrupt state officials are attempting to rig the trial and unfairly convict Daleiden, knowing that they don’t have a strong enough case to convict him fairly.

California prosecutors requested that certain evidence be barred from the trial. Daleiden and his lawyers responded to the motion, arguing that the prosecutors are trying to hide crucial evidence that proves his videos were legal.

Daleiden is being prosecuted as though he violated National Abortion Federation (NAF) policies when he recorded conversations at one of NAF’s conventions. However, NAF’s policies are irrelevant because he was seeking to uncover criminal activity.

The evidence that the Attorney General’s office is attempting to exclude is testimony from Tony Rackauckas, the former Orange County district attorney. Rackauckas claims that without Daleiden’s videos, he would have never been able to sue fetal tissue harvesting businesses that were operating in conjunction with Planned Parenthood and shut down their illegal practices.

The state wants to bar Rackauckas’ testimony because it affirms the basis of Daleiden’s defense. While Daleiden’s videos were undercover, the fact that they revealed “evidence of infanticide, of partial birth abortion, of felony battery and of the illegal sales of fetal tissues and organs” means they are legal under California law.

The prosecutors also requested that Daleiden’s defense avoid using terms like “baby body parts” and describing abortions.

“The AG essentially seeks a gag order at trial concerning testimony and public statements that would prevent both defendants and their counsel from characterizing the evidence as they see fit,” wrote Daleiden’s counsel.

This case is part of a growing trend of progressive ideology infiltrating the judicial system, leading the accused to be stripped of their rights.

There are numerous cases in which California journalists and activists have used hidden cameras to expose criminals, but prosecutors are only taking issue with it when it harms the abortion industry.

There is no viable reason for the prosecution to bar vital evidence. In any case, all available evidence must be considered for justice to prevail. Preventing certain evidence from being presented hinders everything our judicial system is meant to do.

These prosecutors should be held accountable for denying Daleiden his right to a fair trial and tampering with traditional judicial proceedings out of selfish interest.

If this trend continues, and prosecutors bar evidence that they don’t like or prioritize their own ideologies over fair trials, justice in our country will cease to exist.



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