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David Daleiden: ‘No one is going to be able to say anymore that they didn’t know’

After David Daleiden and other journalists with the Center for Medical Progress exposed Planned Parenthood for its illegal trafficking of fetal parts, the nation’s largest abortion provider did their best to smear the journalists who exposed them. 

Planned Parenthood targeted David Daleiden and fellow CMP journalist Sandra Merritt attempting to damage them with heavy fines, while simultaneously spreading misinformation that the videos by CMP were “heavily edited” despite the fact the videos were proven authentic by an independent forensic team. 

In a recent interview with Live Action News, Daleiden said, “[M]y job is… to make sure that people pay attention to this issue, and all of the very serious ethical and legal violations of human dignity that are inherent in it….”

Planned Parenthood has recently come under fire for fraudulently filing for stimulus money that was part of the coronavirus relief effort.

“This is a pattern on the part of Planned Parenthood,” Daleiden explained. “…They lie to the public, they lie to public officials, and they do so to cover up their egregious activities in their own organization. And they continue to receive massive taxpayer subsidies to keep it going. So they need to be held to account for that.” 

Attempting to play damage control, Planned Parenthood took to Twitter trying to smear CMP’s reputation, and accusing Daleiden of making “baseless claims.”

“This has been their only response so far, and it’s not even much of a response if you look at it carefully,” Daleiden said. “They don’t deny anything their people are saying on these video tapes. They can’t this time… these are their own officials not just caught on undercover camera, but they are sworn in under oath giving their sworn testimony.” 

Daleiden said the abortion provider is “wrong on at least two counts.… I don’t have any malice in my heart,” he said. “I think if anything is malicious… when somebody can look at harvesting and selling the little heart… of a baby who has been freshly killed — if someone can look at trading that body part for money — if anything is malicious, I think that’s malicious: treating people like things.” 

“No one is going to be able to say anymore after watching those videos — and after those videos being so heavily publicized so much — that they didn’t know,” Daleiden said. “That they didn’t know how brutally Planned Parenthood was dismembering, sometimes even killing living infants through organ harvesting after they’re born alive.” 

Daleiden and the Center for Medical Progress filed a lawsuit on the 13th of May against those in California who prosecuted him for exposing Planned Parenthood’s illegal sale of aborted baby parts.


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