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DJUSD and the White Privilege Conference

Yet another California school district has been infiltrated by Critical Race Theory (CRT) and progressive gender ideology. Davis Joint Unified School District (DJUSD) is teaching CRT through its Office of School Climate, which is “responsible for supporting district staff, and recommending and piloting ways to address structural oppression and to enhance school climate, equity, diversity, and inclusion.”

The office claims that ​​“gender is a scam” and promotes its White Privilege Conference, “an opportunity for participants to discuss how white privilege, white supremacy, and oppression affects daily life while giving strategies for addressing issues of privilege and oppression and advancing social and economic justice.” To make matters worse, the district recently voted to implement a CRT-infused Ethnic Studies requirement for its 8,500 K-12 students. 

The district’s website also offers several resources full of radical, left-wing ideas about race and gender. One slideshow even instructs staff to use they/them pronouns until someone announces their sexual identity. Educators are fed harmful ideas and instruction that they will pass on to our children in the classroom.

Teachers and administrators are even provided with dangerous lessons and frameworks to use in the classroom. One resource shows k-12 teachers how to implement “anti-bias” and “social justice” education in the classroom. Further, the district provides racist information for students and families including a link to an article titled “100 Race-Conscious Things You Can Say To Your Child To Advance Racial Justice.”

DJUSD is just one of numerous districts in California that is fostering a dangerous environment for children. Educators throughout the state are teaching CRT and lying to parents about its presence in the classroom. Teachers are also indoctrinating students with false ideas about gender and encouraging them to question their sexual orientation. One district even promoted material instructing students to use witchcraft against those with differing viewpoints. 

This is the kind of propaganda and disinformation that you might expect to find in a Soviet history museum, not American classrooms. 

Teachers are indoctrinating students with ideas that do not belong in education. They are imposing their own unfounded and distorted beliefs onto children and assuming a role that is not theirs. In doing so, they’ve obstructed the proper order of society – with parents directing how a child is raised – which will inevitably lead to adverse consequences. We must put an end to this madness. 

Our educators hold immense power, as they help shape and develop every child that they teach.

Parents must not only have the right to know exactly what their children are being taught, but to have a say in it. We must attend school board meetings, pay close attention to district websites, vet our teachers, vote for candidates who will oppose CRT, demand transparency, and even look for alternative schooling options. The formation of our children is at stake.



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