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CA Teachers “Transition” Student Without Parental Knowledge

Two California teachers are being accused of coaching a student into “coming out” as a transgender individual without the knowledge or consent of the student’s parents. This is only the latest in a string of disturbing incidents involving the LGBTQ agenda in California, and again highlights the danger it poses to young, impressionable children. Video footage has shows the the mother of this student speaking out at a Spreckels Union School District meeting last week. Headlines like this are, unfortunately, becoming more common, making it more important than ever that parents take notice and play an active role in their children’s education.

First reported by a social media account called LibsOfTikTok, the claims include reports that school staff and administrators changed the student’s name and pronouns without the parents’ knowledge. The school then took it a step further once those parents objected to the teachers’ actions and called Child Protective Services. While charges were later dropped, this shows the extremes to which the far-left will go when attempting to enforce their LGBTQ agenda. The student’s mother claims that the indoctrination of her daughter began at an after-school club at Buena Vista Middle School, and the behavior of the school’s teachers then quickly took a turn for the worse.

This is not the first time such recruitment has been done to coerce students into a lifestyle they cannot yet fully comprehend. At a conference held by the California Teachers Association in October, two teachers described their methods and steps for recruiting students into the beliefs they hoped to instill. Part of these presentations included their methods for concealing such activities from students’ parents, which directly challenges the role a parent should play in helping shape their child’s education. 

“This is obviously an egregious case, but the sad truth is that when it comes to trans policies, parents are being deceived by their children’s schools all over the country and the pain felt by the parents in this district is shared by countless parents nationwide,” Erika Sanzi, Director of Outreach for Parents Defending Education, told The Daily Caller News Foundation. This California school is not the only one to deal with such behavior from staff; incidents are popping up around the country of educators encouraging these “clandestine transitions” without regard for the wellbeing of the students entrusted to them. Their loyalty has been pledged to an extremist agenda, and children are dealing with the consequences. 

Children should be educated in the truth, and the environments in which they learn should be free of personal bias and dangerous agendas that threaten the very health of the students in those buildings. Calling CPS on outraged parents trying to protect their child is a low blow, but is unsurprising in light of the dedication with which many on the left view such radical ideas. Parents must continue speaking out and remaining active in their children’s education in order to shield them as much as possible from the horrible situations like the one faced by this family in California.


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