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Assembly Considering More Covid-19 Mandates

Just when you thought California’s legislature couldn’t get any worse, lawmakers seem poised to create near-universal vaccine mandates for Californians.

Using a controversial process known as “gut-and-amend,” the Assembly was preparing to transform at least two bills in their final stages into Frankenstein laws forcing nearly ALL California employers to require COVID-19 vaccination as a condition of employment. This would apply to nearly every California employee and indoor customer– public and private.  The legislative author of one of those bills, AB 455, already decided to pull the bill because of the controversy it created, but vowed to bring back the proposal next year. But the proposed changes to AB 1102, are still alive.

This latest push comes after Los Angeles recently declared a vaccine mandate for all city employees. Christian Granucci, a Los Angeles Fire Department Captain, did not take kindly to it.

“I want everyone to be clear on this: This is not about politics. This is not about left or right. This is not about red versus blue. This is not about Republican versus Democrat. This isn’t even about vaccinated versus unvaccinated,” Granucci said. “This is about freedom of choice.”

The 31-year veteran of the fire department warned that even though there is talk of exemptions, that is “pie in the sky,” and he does not believe those exemptions will be likely granted.

In response to Granucci’s video, a department spokesperson warned of reprisals. “We respect the individual’s right to his opinion,” but “he is not authorized to speak on behalf of the Department…Therefore, the matter has been submitted to our Professional Standards Division for investigation, which may lead to disciplinary action.”

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, followers of Jesus have struggled to remain faithful to Christ in the face of rapidly changing public health guidance. But even Christians who have chosen to get a COVID-19 vaccine are concerned about the slippery slope of medical passports to enter businesses or continue employment.

According to sources at the Capitol who reached out to the California Globe last Wednesday night, AB 455 and AB 1102 are being gutted and amended behind closed doors to mandate vaccination against COVID-19. This dubious legislative process is intentionally secretive, leaving lawmakers and the public little time to actually review the bill. Further, the amended bill requires employers to cover “COVID-19 vaccine supplemental paid sick leave” for its employees. Ultimately, this is a bill that places an unconstitutional burden on both employers and employees.

Despite Democrats having more than 75% of the seats in each legislative chamber, California’s ruling party is trying to short-circuit the normal lawmaking process. Instead of pursuing normal committee hearings and public comment, they are trying to use an obscene loophole to silence the people of California.

This is why you and I must speak up now! 

Even if we raise an outcry, we might not win the battle. But as defenders of freedom, we have an obligation to stand and be counted.

Without a doubt, mandatory vaccinations are controversial. Healthcare workers are protesting them from their employers. Other state workers and teachers are doing the same – and they are prepared to lose their jobs.

Regardless of whether or not you’ve chosen to get vaccinated against COVID-19, elected officials in Sacramento should listen to our voices. Shady backroom deals are no way to make laws that affect nearly 40 million Californians. Please sign the petition and call your legislators TODAY!


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