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San Diego City Begins to Fire Employees Over Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates

City employees in San Diego, CA have received an advanced termination notice because they have chosen to not be vaccinated and tested for Covid – 19 for medical or religious reasons.

In October 2021, San Diego City granted medical and religious exemptions for hundreds of city employees, including the police and fire department, choosing not to get the Covid – 19 vaccine, as long as they received weekly Covid-19 testing. Mayor Todd Gloria announced that many employees have not followed through with the agreement. 

​​“City employees who were granted an exemption from the COVID-19 Vaccination Mandate are required to do weekly testing,” reads a statement from the Mayor’s Office. “There are several employees in the police department who have failed to comply with the weekly testing accommodation. Those who fail to comply will be issued Advance Notice of Termination letters and will be afforded all due process rights and rights to representation.” 

The Mayor’s office confirmed that the advance notice of termination letters have been sent to at least three dozen city employees, half of which are in the San Diego Police Department. 

The letter states,

“This is to notify you that I am recommending to the Department Director that your employment with the City of San Diego as a (Employee’s Position) in the (Department Name) Department (add Division Name, if applicable) be terminated.” 

The letter claims that city employees who have chosen to not get the Covid-19 vaccination for medical or religious reasons and have not tested weekly, “amounts to insubordination or serious breach of discipline.” 

City employees will now be losing their jobs due to medical or religious decisions. This will heavily affect the San Diego Police Department. 

According to San Diego Police Officers Association President, Jared Wilson, more than 240 offices have left the SD Police Department over the past fiscal year. Wilson states, “this significant and rapid departure of officers has put tremendous strain on our department, making it harder for officers to respond to calls, implement community policing, address quality-of-life issues, and generally protect public safety.” 

“By terminating 20 more officers, the city will be pouring gasoline on a fire that is already burning out of control. This is a decision that will not protect public safety and the well-being of San Diegans. It will do just the opposite,” Wilson said.

Not only will the Covid-19 vaccine and testing mandates in San Diego affect the lives of those being fired for their medical or religious beliefs, yet according to Wilson it is going to affect the whole city of San Diego and the safety of those living in it. Yet, the Mayor seems to only care about pushing his own agenda, even if it violates the rights of his constituents.


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