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CA Legislators Vote to Sterilize Kids, but Complain Opponents are “Fear-Mongering”

The California Senate Health Committee voted 7-1 on Monday to set up a fund using tax-payer dollars to give minors and adults cross-sex hormones and surgeries that will permanently destroy their reproductive systems.

The author, Assemblyman Miguel Santiago (D) Los Angeles, and the other Senators on the committee complained about being inundated with phone calls from voters telling them not to sterilizes children.

“Let me be very clear and get the record straight,” Santiago said forcefully and repeatedly at the hearing. “Nothing, I will repeat, talks about sterilizing kids. Nothing, I will repeat, in this bill points to anything to do with children… I think it is fear-mongering and good for sound bites.” 

Sentiments from Health Committee members repeated the same message. “I got hundreds and hundreds of calls asking me not to support something that sterilizes children,” Senator Susan Rubio told the committee. “So after those calls, I decided to read the bill very, very carefully and I didn’t find anything about sterilizing children.” Senator Connie Leyva expressed pity for her callers. “I felt bad for the people who were calling to ask us to vote no because I do think they were misled.” 

“By approving AB 2218, members of the Health Committee got it wrong,” said California Family Council President Jonathan Keller. “At best, these senators are ignorant of how California gender clinics are already sterilizing children and young adults. If not, they are flatly refusing to acknowledge how this bill will fund these dangerous procedures.”

“Gender clinics claim to treat gender dysphoria in pre-pubescent children with puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones,” Keller continued. “You don’t need to be a doctor to know that a child who doesn’t experience puberty will likely be sterile for life.”

The text of AB 2218 says, “The grants shall be available to a hospital, health care clinic, or other medical providers that currently provides gender-affirming health care services, such as hormone therapy or gender reassignment surgery.” With a little research into the gender clinics the bill funds, Santiago and the complaining Senators would have easily discovered that children, who identify as transgender are first given drugs to prevent puberty from occurring. Next, they are given cross-sex hormone therapy, so their bodies start to imitate the look of the opposite sex. Both these drugs used together sterilizes most kids. After these trans-drugs are given, surgeries are available: girls can get double mastectomies at 13 in California, and both sexes can receive full sex-change operations at 18, all “treatments” funded by AB 2218 grants.

This is a well-established fact that a person can’t reproduce if he or she takes drugs to prevent their body from maturing through puberty. Even the UCSF Medical Center, with a Transgender Care unit, acknowledges the fertility effects of transgender drugs on minors. To prove the point, read the advice they give youth on their website before starting hormone therapy.

Under a section titled, “Preparing for gender-affirming hormone use in transgender youth” it says, “While options are being explored to preserve future fertility for transgender youth, the current reality is that cryopreservation is very expensive, in many cases prohibitively so for those with ovaries.” The only reason to freeze eggs and sperm is that you know hormones are going to kill them permanently.

The advice goes on: “For youth whose pubertal process has been suspended in the earliest stages [by puberty-blocking drugs], followed by administration of gender-affirming hormones, development of mature sperm or eggs is unlikely at the present time, although it is noteworthy that there is active research developing gametes in vitro from the field of juvenile oncology. The issue of future infertility is often far more problematic for parents and family members than for youth, especially at the beginning stages of discussing moving forward with gender-affirming hormones.”

This is the advice given to someone right before they go sterile. 

The bill now moved to the Senate Appropriation’s Committee and then to the floor of the Senate before the end of the month.

Here are the votes in the Senate Health Committee on AB 2218

Voting yes:
Senator Richard Pan (Chair)
Senator Lena A. Gonzalez
Senator Melissa Hurtado
Senator Connie M. Leyva
Senator Holly J. Mitchell
Senator Bill Monning
Senator Susan Rubio

Voting no:
Senator Melissa A. Melendez (Vice Chair)

Absent for personal reason:
Senator Shannon Grove

Call to Action

Call your Senator’s office today and tell them:

Don’t Sterilize Children, Vote No on AB 2218.

If they say the bill will not fund treatments to sterilize kids, quote the information in this article to them.

Find your Senator contact information here.

You can also send them letters from these doctors who oppose the bill:


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