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In Stunning Reversal, Senate Health Committee Brings Back Bill to Fund Sterilizing Trans-Treatments for Teens, Adults


Wednesday, August 05, 2020:

We have just received news that the Senate Health Committee has rescheduled a vote for this bill for Monday, August 10. This is a DIRECT contradiction to what the Senate staff told us last week.

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The Senate Health Committee announced today AB 2218, a controversial transgender measure, was dead for the year. The bill would have funded trans-affirming treatments such as puberty blockers, cross-sex hormones, and mutilating surgeries and amputations, all known to permanently destroy the reproductive systems minors and adults. The Committee, chaired by Senator and pediatrician Dr. Richard Pan, revealed the news this morning when AB 2218 was not on the list of bills to be heard in their last committee hearing. The bill had already been approved by the Assembly with little debate, largely along party lines.

“The people of California spoke, and the Senate Health Committee listened,” said California Family Council President Jonathan Keller. “Children and young adults with gender dysphoria deserve true compassion. We are grateful that California lawmakers chose not to fund mutilating surgeries and sterilizing hormones that cause irreversible damage.”

The bill’s death comes after weeks of activism from the California Family Council and other like-minded Christian pro-family organizations that targeted the nine members of the Senate Health Committee. Many of these groups hand-delivered Senate offices copies of “Irreversible Damage,” a recently published book which details a new social phenomenon of “rapid-onset gender dysphoria” emerging among teen girls.

Authored by Wall Street Journal reporter Abigail Shrier, “Irreversible Damage” documents that gender clinics in the US have exploded from just one in 2007 to over 50 such clinics today. Much of the increase in demand for trans-services is among females who now account for 70 percent of sex reassignment surgeries, a huge jump over previous years. Find more shocking statistics from the book here.

California Family Council also arranged for Dr. Quentin Van Meter to testify in opposition to AB 2218 in the Assembly Health Committee earlier this year. Dr. Van Meter, a board-certified pediatric endocrinologist, told legislators that children treated with cross-sex hormones for their gender confusion have “significant mental health issues” that remain even after hormone therapy. Van Meter warned legislators that the state would be sued in the coming years for funding transgender affirming treatments for troubled and vulnerable children because they destroy healthy body tissue, sterilize the recipient, and cause irreversible damage.

Go here for more information about AB 2218 and the dangers of transgender drugs and surgeries:


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