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California Family Council Testifies Against CA Resolution Celebrating Abortion Rights

The California Family Council regularly speaks up for the rights of unborn children in the halls of California’s state capitol, a legislative body known for celebrating abortion rights. Below is an excerpt of remarks CFC’s Greg Burt made before the CA Senate Judiciary Committee last week in a hearing for Senate Resolution 66, a resolution commemorating the 47th anniversary the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision that forced abortion into every state in the union.

Chair and members, my name is Greg Burt with the California Family Council.

I’m sure you realize, with the recent changes on the Supreme Court, that the Roe v Wade decision is on life support. But I also believe public support for abortion is in a precarious situation, because the moral reasoning used to justify it is being exposed. Abortion has only survived this long because proponents were able to deceive people about the brutal reality of the practice.

Just listen to the way abortion rights advocates talk about the procedure. Do you hear the language gymnastics used to distract people away from thinking about what actually happens during an abortion? Why do they do that? Why can’t they talk about abortion in plain, exacting language? I think you know the answer.

Yet, distracting people from the reality of abortion has become nearly impossible with advances in ultrasound technology.

I have three kids and I remember being first introduced to my children through an ultrasound machine. I saw my daughter’s hearts beating, and my son’s arms and legs in motion just a few months after conception. It was an unbelievable experience for a new father.

So when I think about what abortion really is, I recall those flickering ultrasounds pictures, and I think of unborn children, just like my own, getting their little limbs torn off by an abortionist. The horror of it can hardly be expressed and I think… how can intelligent, otherwise very nice and good-hearted people justify this?

My truth-revealing experience with an ultrasound machine is repeated thousands of times a day. And this truth-telling technology is changing hearts and minds, and convincing many hardened pro-abortion rights advocates that nothing justifies this barbaric practice.

I’m here today to remind you of the cruel reality you are celebrating, in hopes that one day God will open your eyes and turn you into a pro-life advocate as he has done with millions of others.

Thank you.

Greg Burt, Director of Capitol Engagement for the California Family Council, testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee in opposition to SR 66.


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