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Teeth Removed from Bill to Force LGBT Training on Teachers

A bill threatening to force every public junior high and high school teacher to receive LGBTQ affirmation training had its enforcement mechanism gutted last week. AB 493 previously required teachers to be trained to refer students to supportive LGBTQ activist organizations, provide them with LGBTQ peer groups, and create school-wide programs urging the student body to support the LGBTQ identities of students. But last week, the bill emerged from the Senate Appropriations Committee with amendments that now only “encourage” school districts to give bi-annual LGBT teacher training and not “require” them.

California Family Council President Jonathan Keller was concerned AB 493 would create a hostile environment for Christian teachers and students with biblical views about gender and sexual orientation. “We are encouraged AB 493 was altered to let local school districts decide how best to create a school atmosphere free from bullying,” Keller said. “Teachers should not be forced to champion the state’s doctrine on gender identity and sexual orientation.”

The new amendments now “encourage” school district to provide teacher training on how to provide LGBTQ identified students with affirming resources, developed by the California Department of Education. AB 493 is expected to be voted by the Senate and the Assembly later this week.


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