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CA Bills Update: College Abortions, Forced Pronouns, Free Planned Parenthood Advertising, and Inmates Pick Their Sex

SB 24: College Student Chemical Abortions

Authored by Senator Connie Leyva (D-San Bernardino)

  • Summary: This bill mandates California public university health centers offer students chemical abortions as a “basic health service.” Chemical abortions are used to kill an unborn child up to 10 weeks old. Non-surgical chemical abortion involves two drugs: Mifepristone/RU-486, which ends the life of the unborn child, and Misoprostol which causes severe cramping, contractions, and bleeding to expel the baby from the womb. Read more…
  • Bill Update: SB 24 has been approved by the Senate Education and Health Committees, with a hearing scheduled for May 13th in the Senate Appropriations Committee. See previous votes here.
  • Action Steps: Call Senate Appropriations Committee members before May 13th and tell them to vote no on SB 24.

AB 175: Forced Transgender Pronouns in Foster Care

Authored by Assemblyman Mike Gibson (D-Los Angeles)

  • Summary: This bill adds the following new rights to the current “Foster Youth Bill of Rights”: The right to be referred to by one’s preferred name and gender pronoun, which violates First Amendment protections against compelled government speech. The right to receive adequate clothing, grooming, and hygiene products, that reflex a child’s sexual orientation, or gender identity and expression. And the right to attend school clubs, parades, and other activities consistent with the child’s age, sexual orientation, and gender identity and expression. Read more…
  • Bill Update: AB 175 has cleared the Assembly Judiciary and Human Services Committees, and now waits to be scheduled for a hearing in the Assembly Appropriations Committee. See previous votes here.
  • Action Steps: Call Assembly Appropriations Committee members and tell them to vote no on AB 175.

AB 624 – Abortion Hotline on Student IDs

Authored by Assemblyman Jesse Gabriel (D-Los Angeles)

  • Summary: This bill gives abortion clinics, like Planned Parenthood, the opportunity for free advertising on the back of all public school and some private school student ID cards. Specifically, AB 624 requires student IDs in all public junior high schools, high schools and colleges/universities to include a sexual or reproductive health (abortion provider) hotline, National Sexual Assault Hotline, and the National Domestic Violence Hotline. The bill originally required the same for all private schools as well. But after pressure from the California Family Council and other religious liberty minded organizations, the sexual and reproductive hotline will not be required on private 7-12 grade schools and faith-based colleges/universities. But all 7-12 grade and colleges/universities will have to include the other two hotlines. Read more…
  • Bill Update: AB 624 was approved by the Assembly Education, High Education and Appropriation Committees, and could be voted on by the entire Assembly at any time. See votes previous here.
  • Action Steps: Call your member of the California Assembly and tell them to vote no on AB 624. If you don’t know who your member is, go here.

SB 132: Inmates Get to Pick Their Own Sex

Authored by Senator Scott Wiener (D – San Francisco)

  • Summary: This bill lets inmates decide their own sex at any moment in time, and then requires correctional officers to refer to them by that sex and to house them with other inmates based on their sex of choice. SB 132 also gives inmates the right to decide the sex of the correctional officer doing a strip search, potentially forcing women correctional officers to script search men with histories of sexual assault. Besides accommodating a lie that sex is a personal choice, SB 132 violates the safety, privacy, and dignity of real, biological female inmates, who would be forced to share personal, intimate living space with any male inmate claiming to be a woman. Read more…
  • Bill Update: SB 132 was approved by the Senate Public Safety Committee and has been sent to the Senate Appropriations Committee. See previous votes here.
  • Action Steps: Call member of the Senate Appropriations Committee and tell them to vote no on SB 132.


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