Publisher Claims Textbook Lionization of Gavin Newsom is “Accurate” & “Unbiased”

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The California Family Council sent out a press release recently critical of new state-approved curriculum that reads like campaign copy written by the Gavin Newsom governor campaign. The first grade lesson lionizes Newsom as the “Champion of People’s Rights,” for his same-sex marriage activism. The teacher’s manual encourages educators to “discuss how Gavin Newsom wanted to help all people.”

The Elk Grove School District, who is piloting the new curriculum, and the publisher are now defending their portrayal of the political candidate.

“The information in the book is factual; it is historically factual,” Xanthi Pinkerton, spokesperson for the Elk Grove Unified School District, told Fox 40 News in Sacramento. “A lot of work that’s gone into these particular social science materials, that look at all of the groups, ethnic groups, cultural groups, that had previously been underrepresented and now they’re being represented.” 

Pearson, the publisher of “My World” First Grade History-Social Science curriculum, defended their curriculum as well. The following quote was given to Fox 40 News.

You be the judge. Do you agree that Pearson is teaching about Gavin Newsom in an unbiased and balanced manner? Why didn’t the textbook mention Newsom broke the law when he gave marriage licenses to 4,036 couples back in 2004? Why didn’t the textbook mention that Californians voted twice to define marriage as between a man and a woman, but Newsom’s definition of marriage was forced on the state and the nation by the courts? Newsom even told opponents after one court decision that same-sex marriage was going to happen “whether you like it or not.” These facts were omitted to make Newsom look like a hero to everyone, when he is clearly not. 

The media is now taking notice of this issue. The Sacramento Bee, CBS News, and Fox News  have published stories. Citizens need to object strongly to history being taught in such a manner. This same curriculum is being piloted around the state to fulfill the FAIR Education Act requirements, but parents and local school districts have the final say. 

To see the new curriculum being considered by the Elk Grove Unified School District you can attend one of the viewing days listed on their website. You can also contact Elk Grove School Board members and let them know what you think. 

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  1. Whether or not some people believe Gavin Newsom’s biography in a first-grade textbook is unbiased and balanced in not the point. It isn’t necessary to fill elementary school children’s heads with Newsom’s trash talk. Instead, they should be concentrating on the 3 R’s – reading, writing and arithmetic, playing and learning how to get along with each other. The mature nature of Newsom’s biography can wait until impressionable minds are much, much older. How does college sound or never? In my opinion, this is another form of sexual abuse of children and the perpetrators need to be behind bars – Newsom in particular, then the publisher of the textbook.

    • Well said..He is a feckless politician. .
      Mr. Newson’s elevation to Governorship would be a disaster for the people of California. .

  2. I agree one hundred percent with Celeste Wheeler. I am a teacher and will NEVER teach that same sex marriage is ok at any grade level.

  3. Children don’t need to know about ANY kind of sex. They also shouldn’t be forced to learn about things that their own parents might be against. Don’t force sexuality on impressionable kids who don’t even know what they beleive in yet, give them a chance to learn what they want.

  4. When you kick God out of your life & school , He will leave. Thus you will then be your own judge & savior & since you CAN NOT save yourself from your sins, you are choosing to walk away from God for eternity. The bible talks about when you teach a child to sin against God that it would be better for you to have a rock tied around your neck & thrown into the lake of fire. God will allow our nation to be taken over like in Daniel 1 when we sin against him continually & do not acknowledge him!

    • Julie…I believe that it said in the Bible Jesus said to the disciples that if you teach a child to sin against God and lead them away from God that it would be better for you to have a rock tied around your neck and be drowned in the bottom of the sea. And then in the judgement of God at His return those who had led children to damnation will be judged and burn in the lake of fire after the resurrection of the dead and the judgement of the living and the dead. Either way, it won’t be fun for those who promote sin/evil to children….they will be held accountable.

  5. AMEN! to all the preceding statements. Newsom blatantly disregarded and violated state law and the state constitution by pandering to the bay area LGBT, etc. voter block, where there are plenty of dollars to help finance his incessant political campaigns. But, as has been demonstrated time and again by liberal judges and our Democrat-majority state legislature, there is no adverse consequence for such actions. Kudos to Ms. Ford for refusing to teach that same-sex “marriage” is right. Wouldn’t it be nice if all teachers would take this stance – or if all parents would pull their children out of class when such curriculum is being taught. That might give California’s curriculum writers and school district administrators something to think about. Nobody, for any reason, should be teaching elementary school children that Gavin Newsom, Harvey Milk, or their ilk are “heroes.” That is utter nonsense and most certainly neither “balanced” nor “factual.”

  6. I tried to call those in charge of promoting these things being taught to school children but I couldn’t find any phone numbers to call…it is a several hours drive for me to get to their location…and I wouldn’t know when the people in charge would be there. I wasn’t able to use your info regarding contacting them or leaving them a message…was not provided with a working phone number or an address to mail a letter too…or even the address of the location of their office so I could show up in person to contact them. All my efforts to reach them were in vain. If you want us to be effective…send us phone numbers to reach them, addresses to mail our comments and opinions to them, addresses of their offices so that we can try to contact them in person, the day, time, and place when they have to answer to the public so that we can show up to state our opinions and ask questions, etc. There was nothing in what I was sent that gave me the ability to contact those in charge. I do not tweet, twitter, and I didn’t even have their valid email address so I could contact them that way. So I am I supposed to be active in persuading someone when I have no way to contact them? I don’t even know when their next open meeting would be or where it is at. It also seemed that the people who show up at school board meetings are the most “outside of normal” instead of those that have traditional family values. If you want a chance at winning on this issue…tell us what how, where, and when we can contact those in charge or attend their meetings so we can speak up. I had no way to contact them. If you look for a web site, address, phone number, etc. that I could contact them with it is not listed online.

  7. It is completely inappropriate for any public school to indoctrinate a five or six-year old (or any age) with accepting homosexual marriage as a “right”, in moral terms. (Although it may be a “choice” that some have made.) It is developmentally out of place. Obviously it is the attempt to create an early link in a K-12 chain of public education reforn, which tries to strangle and silence Biblical perspectives and morality.

  8. Oh, how we need to revert back to our Bible principles in which this country was founded upon.
    1. These unions are unlawful and abominable in the sight of God.
    2. Those who practice such a lifestyle will not inherit the kingdom of God.
    3. God judged those who went after “Strange Flesh.”
    4. Remember Sodom: Romans 1:26-32 tells us what is coming upon the LGBT community.
    Though their practices grieve us, their time is short lived. The Psalmist said, “When the wicked spring up like grass, it is that they may be destroyed forever” (Psalm 92:7). Like Lot, whose soul was tortured by their oppressive sinful practices, God will remove them from us! Remember Sodom!

  9. This is too much. An Pro Newsome advertising. I completely agree with all above. I have told my children and grand children that sex has no place in school, until they are in the 8th grade. Also the parents MUST approve what is taught. In both grade school and college there is A LOT of BS coming from the liberal progressive left wing side. My millennial nephews and nieces agree and claim their friends also see in school more and more political and they do NOT like it. I and my relatives ask what they were taught or told at school each day. If its liberal BS, we tell them they were lied to. You have to do that now a days. Sexual perversions are made clear as for what they are and NOT good. A true full family is a father and mother, unless there is a divorce or loss of parent or an adoption by a single parent. Inshort this publisher is *** ** ****. There are a lot of bad stuff about Gavin they ignore.


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