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Parents at Clifton Middle School Upset Planned Parenthood was Secretly Invited to School Event

Parents of children at Clifton Middle School are expressing their dismay that Planned Parenthood was secretly invited to a school event promoting health and wellness. Parents were unaware that Planned Parenthood would be present at the event until a parent viewed pictures on a Facebook page and noticed that there was a Planned Parenthood booth set up at the event.

KABC also stated that the post on Facebook generated over 1,000 comments – some for, and some against Planned Parenthood’s presence at the event. The post seems to have since been deleted from the City of Monrovia Facebook page.

KABC reported that Planned Parenthood was invited to the event, but that “Monrovia’s superintendent said “we were not alerted that Planned Parenthood would be participating” and that they “understand the concerns our parents have about having this organization on our campus.”” It would seem that the Monrovia Unified School District superintendent was unaware of Planned Parenthood’s presence at the event. Last year, Clifton Middle School was held up as “role models for middle schools up and down the great state of California” by State Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson.

According to KABC, Planned Parenthood says it passed out literature on reproductive health, birth control, and healthy relationships.

An undercover investigation by Live Action News caught Planned Parenthood ‘counselors’ encouraging teenagers to engage in extremely disturbing, disgusting, and even violent sexual acts.

The Monrovia Unified School District superintendent, Dr. Katherine Thorossian, sent out an apology after parents expressed their outrage and concern stating that “the organizations participating in the fair, nor their corresponding literature, were properly vetted. For that, I am truly sorry.”

The superintendent also promised that the School District would be adopting more stringent protocols going forward.

This occurrence is just the latest in a series of attempts by Planned Parenthood to push its indoctrinating sexual education materials on schools across the country. The fact is that Planned Parenthood isn’t a reliable source for accurate sex education. Planned Parenthood’s sex education “materials” include brochures encouraging kids to masturbate, giving out free condoms, and includes statements describing abortions as “safe and very common.”

Not even two weeks ago, this same problem occurred in the San Diego Unified School District. Parents came out in huge numbers to protest the controversial Sexual Health Education Program (SHEP) the district recently adopted. The curriculum has a “No Risk Behaviors” section were it describes “no risk” activities as: bathing together, kissing on the lips, mutual masturbation, solo masturbation, holding hands, and abstaining from sexual activity.

Planned Parenthood advocates for comprehensive sex education programs for children as young as kindergartners. It is clear that Planned Parenthood’s dangerous indoctrination materials have no place in front of middle and high school students. Perhaps its also time that schools more appropriately left the sexual education of their children up to the parents.


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