Governor Brown Signs Bills Redefining the Meaning of Gender and Forcing LGBT Sensitivity Training on Businesses

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At the last possible moment on Sunday October 15, Governor Jerry Brown signed a series of bills that fundamentally change the definition of gender on government documents. The state of California no longer believes in the dictionary definition of a man or a woman, which says someone’s sex is determined by certain physical characteristics. Now in California any man can declare themselves a woman, and any woman can use the word “man” for self identification, no questions asked, no physical proof required.

The words “man” and “woman” now legally describe feelings, and those feelings don’t have firm definitions. Consequently, the words “man” and “woman” are meaningless. And if you don’t think the binary gender choices describe your subjective feelings, you can pick a new legal gender  choice called “non-binary.” Feelings, not facts now determine reality.

This will not be the end of our journey into irrationality. It is just the beginning. Just watch what happens now that state leaders have established that feelings are more reliable than physical facts when determining what is real and what is true. God help us. Here is a brief description of the gender bills.

  • SB 179 changes the definition of gender, and creates a third legal gender: non-binary.
  • SB 310 simplifies the process for inmates to change their names and gender while in the custody of state or county prisons.
  • SB 396 gender identity sensitivity training: Businesses with over 50 employees will be required to provide at least two hours of training and education regarding harassment based on gender identity, gender expression, and sexual orientation. Misgendering will be considered harassment.

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  1. I absolutely disapprove of this. I do not agree with any one man or group of people deciding this on my behalf and these bills go directly against my spiritual beliefs and what the Bible says!

  2. SOooooo……..If feelings determine reality – not facts – does that mean that if I feel that I’m an American Indian, I am??? Or, if I feel like didn’t commit a crime, then I didn’t?? Or if a student feels like he deserves an “A” the teacher must give him that grade?? Better yet, if I feel like I don’t owe the IS my taxes, I don’t have to pay them?????? Obviously this is not only an incredibly dangerous precedent to set, but totally flies in the face of both the laws of nature & most importantly, God’s Eternal Laws!

  3. I think Jerry brown is too old and sick in his head. Or too much money go in to his pocket. Can not determine what man and women look like. When he feel like a woman in the hospital should the doctor treat him as a women or a man ?

    • Why can I only identify as male or female? Isn’t that rather unprogressive? I want to identify as a dog. If I do identify as a dog, why should I pay taxes?

  4. This is getting way out of control. Ca. Liberals and Moonbeam need stop all their bs, they are turning Ca into a big joke of a state. I hope that when Moonbeam needs money from the Federal Government they say no.

  5. What are the next steps? Any way to fight or try to appeal? Is there any science backing this that this was able to pass? I don’t understand how this is a right and a law can pass without the citizens having any say so or any means to oppose other than call the few republicans left in this state? Thank you for all your service as it is so needed.

    • The bill wasn’t based on science. It was based on a philosophical idea that says everyone deserves the right to define one’s gender. Supporters of this bill believe feelings determine gender. That’s a decision that has nothing to do with science. Feelings and desires determine one’s identity, not physical facts. Voters could do a referendum on this bill, to put this issue on the 2018 ballot. But considering how weak the opposition was against this bill, I don’t see that happening. Do many of California’s conservative leaders shook their heads in dismay, but didn’t publicly oppose it.

      I’m hoping the passage of this bill will wake people up and motivate them to get involved in politics again. The way to fight this is for everyone to hold their state representative accountable for how they voted. If everyone against this bill did that, the bill would not have passed. Hopefully we are learning. I encourage everyone find out how their legislator voted on these bills and then call their offices to let them know their opinion. Then everyone needs to reach out to their friends and their community leaders and plead with them to do the same. We all have to commit to doing this no matter how well we are received. We just have to resolve not to be one of the silent ones.

      This link lists the votes for SB 179:
      If you don’t know who your legislator is you can find that here:
      Call these legislative offices. Ask for the District Director or Chief of Staff and let them know what you think. Then let everyone you what you think about how these legislators voted. I know it’s a lot of work, but the other side is very committed to this work. The only way to stop this is to work harder than they do.

    • Science won’t help. The science of genetics is quite clear about gender. Science won’t help because this is a moral problem, not an intellectual problem. For many years our education system has been teaching that there is no God and, therefore, there can be no absolutes. They have taught that science is “god” but now they are even rejecting science in favor of feelings. They teach that truth is relative. Now we are reaping the fruit of this lie.

  6. Can I be a girl today & a boy tomorrow? Can I be nothing or can I be every gender in the book at the same time? Can I be the gender today which will allow me to be deceitful & cheat others out of their lunch money? Who will be the first to profit out of this bungled situation.? Who will be the looser ? The mind boggles at the possible cheating & lying that this mess will produce. The mind cringes at the laws & bylaws that the government will have to stagger over to try & make it work.. History will look back & curse the people who introduced it & wonder at the mental state of the people who voted it in.

  7. My question for those of you complaining about this bill, how does someone elses gender affect you? Those of you who have a religious stand against trans people, remember everone has to stand before God and be accountable for their actions.

  8. Why don’t we start a petition to vote Jerry Brown out of office? Or at least a demonstration against this bill and every politician who voted for it? Vote against these politicians in the next election or move to a different state…or choose to stand up against this and take the consequences. Personally, I do not pledge allegiance to the flag or this country…only to God. I support only what God supports. If the government supports things that God approves of, then I support that. If the government supports things like this that are against the laws of God, then I am against the government. Personally, I am against every person who doesn’t stand up and fight back. I didn’t know about this bill or I would have spent my days calling up every politician and picketing them. Now I will spend my days calling every politican to let them know that I and everyone I can inform abouit this situation is going to vote them out of office in the next election. Now lets find someone decent who can run for office and win. And lets hope that our supporters out number the perfects and extremists liberals who have gone nuts out there when we go to the ballet next time. If this won’t get you to vote them out of office, what will?

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