Assembly GOP Betrays Families, Praises Harvey Milk and LGBT Organizations

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This week, California’s Assembly Republicans, under the leadership of Assemblyman Chad Mayes, appear to be breaking away from their party’s platform and embracing an agenda hostile to traditional marriage, religious liberty, and Christian values. On Tuesday, the official Assembly Republican Caucus sent out the following tweet praising LGBT hero Harvey Milk and commending two of the most influential LGBT organizations in the country.

The above tweet was liked by Assembly Republican Minority Leader Chad Mayes and Assemblywoman Catherine Baker, and surprisingly re-tweeted by the California Republican Party. Equality California (an aggressive LGBT organization) and the Log Cabin Republicans both oppose the California Republican Party Platform which states the following in the “Family” section:

The California Republican Party affirms the family as the natural and indispensable institution for human development.

A strong and healthy family unit is the heart of the home—a safe surrounding where family decisions are made, children are raised, and morality is taught. The family is a foundation on which American society has grown and prospered for over 200 years. We support the two- parent family as the best environment for raising children, and therefore believe that it is important to define marriage as a union between one man and one woman. The Supreme Court’s ruling cannot and must not be used to coerce a church or religious institution into performing marriages that their faith does not recognize. We believe public policy and education should not be exploited to advocate or teach any social or political agenda.


Call the Republican members of the Assembly today an ask them:

  • Will the GOP Assembly delete the tweet and issue a formal apology?
  • If not, are the Assembly Republicans abandoning the traditional marriage plank in California party platform?


Assembly Minority Leader Chad Mayes
Capitol: 916-319-2042
District: 760-346-6342


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  1. C’mon Family Council, please at least try to emerge from Dark Ages abject bigotry against the non-heterosexual community. Honestly, no one much cares anymore about what consenting adults do with their naughty bits. Why, then, do you? Why is homosexuality so incredibly, fascinatingly loathsome to you folks? Don’t tell us it’s because of scripture: that’s as hollow as it is ambiguous. Can you possibly find a real demon to demonize instead a harmless population of gay men and women? That mentality so undermines any genuinely good work you might accomplish.

  2. Religions will change but the Word of God will not. Sexual perversion is and always will be sin. Jesus Christ has not and will not except siners into the Kingdom of God if thay do not repent and turn way from there sin. God will not change for anyone, we must change for Him. There’s a heaven to gain for all that except Jesus Christ as Lord and savior and change their sinful life. There is also a Hell/Lake of Fire for all that serve their sinful nature and desires.


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