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Spokane School District is Safe From Planned Parenthood’s Indoctrination – For Now

Planned Parenthood claims that it is “the nation’s largest provider of sex education, reaching 1.5 million people a year,” but it seems that the Spokane Public Schools Board doesn’t think the information provided in Planned Parenthood’s sex education is the best solution for its students.

A school district in Spokane, Washington has recently announced that it will no longer be planning to implement a highly controversial “curriculum” designed by Planned Parenthood for children in the sixth-ninth grades. The Spokane school district has instead opted to compile curriculum from different sources, as it has customarily done in the past, according to the Spokesman Review.

The Planned Parenthood “Get Real” curriculum was suggested by a committee and the district formerly had not arrived at a decision due to the outraged response from members of the community. More than 500 people sent emails to school board members in protest of the curriculum.

Due to the highly controversial nature of the Planned Parenthood course, the discussion was tabled, and there is no future date set for further discussion on adopting the curriculum.

The Spokane school district is just one of several school districts across the country who have decided against using Planned Parenthood’s sex education curriculum. According to Live Action News, the Saline Area Schools in Michigan also announced they would not being using Planned Parenthood’s curriculum, citing concerns that it was too ‘divisive.’ The Reading School Board in Reading, Pennsylvania also rejected a request from Planned Parenthood in August to open a facility at their schools to offer “sex education, counseling, and referrals to their nearby abortion facility. Just last month, in Charlotte, North Carolina, a Planned Parenthood sex education program for middle school children was put on hold after hundreds of parents gathered in protest.

An undercover investigation by Live Action News caught Planned Parenthood ‘counselors’ encouraging teenagers to engage in extremely disturbing, disgusting, and even violent sexual acts.

Live Action News’ Cassy Fiano has more details on what the Live Action investigation uncovered:

Planned Parenthood receives taxpayer funding specifically earmarked to provide sex education to children, but many parents would likely be shocked to discover what that education consists of. Teenagers were encouraged to experiment with BDSM and to play with urine and feces, and counselors even promoted bestiality. Planned Parenthood staffers also encouraged the underage teenagers to break the law by visiting sex shops to get things like whips and ties and also told them to watch porn to get ideas and act them out.

Most disturbing were the constant recommendations to engage in BDSM. Teenagers were encouraged to try violent torture sex and to try things like horse whips, clamps, and ropes and were told that sexual practices that leave them with burns and welts are acceptable and healthy. Asphyxiation, bondage, and gagging were also promoted, and girls were advised on how they could work their way up to anal sex. None of this was described as unsafe, unhealthy, or inappropriate for children – to the contrary, these violent practices were described repeatedly as not abusive, even if they leave bruises, welts, and burns.

Planned Parenthood advocates for comprehensive sex education programs for children as young as kindergartners. It is clear that Planned Parenthood’s dangerous indoctrination materials have no place in front of middle and high school students.


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