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The Terrifying Changes Britain has Seen Since Instituting Same-Sex Marriage

Roughly four years ago, then Prime Minister David Cameron announced that MP’s would decide whether or not to redefine the meaning of marriage. The announcement came as somewhat of a surprise as David Cameron had not made any mention whatsoever in his pre-election manifesto (or platform) signalling his intention to initiate this possible shift.

In the ensuing chaos leading up to the vote, David Burrows MP, a mild-mannered supporter of the ‘Coalition for Marriage’, had excrement thrown at his house. His children received death threats and their school address was published online, according to The Spectator.

This was a decision of enormous significance. It’s important to analyze what’s happened in Britain since then to provide us clues of what we can expect to happen here in the United States.

The current Prime Minister, Theresa May has announced plans to abolish the need to even have a medical consultation prior to formally and officially changing one’s gender. A press release from the Government Equalities Office states that this step is part of the process of building on the progress of legalizing same-sex marriage. Guardian journalist Roz Kaveney triumphantly declared that changing one’s gender is now, ‘’Almost as simple as changing your name by statutory declaration.’

The press release also plans to do away with current “discriminatory” practices and begin allowing gay and bisexual men to donate blood more easily:

The Government has also accepted the recommendations of the Advisory Committee on the Safety of Blood, Tissues and Organs (SaBTO) to change the deferral periods for blood donation for men who have sex with men. The usual deferral blood donation period will be reduced from 12 months to three months for men who have sex with men.

The sweeping changes aren’t just with government, however. Universities are cracking down on students who use the natural, correct pronouns “he” and “she” instead of preferred or neutral gender pronouns like “ze.”

Transport for London has instructed it’s employees to stop using phrases like “ladies and gentleman” when making announcements, and instead to say neutral phrases like “good morning everyone.” LGBT activists and various human rights campaigns like Stonewall, (the UK’s largest LGBt lobbying organization, who’s tagline is Acceptance without exception’) have been lobbying the organization to make the change for months.

Politicians and government employees and officials are consistently getting more and more radical in efforts to outdo each other, stand out, and hopefully more easily win elections or gain favor in the eye of the public.

Freedom of religion and artistic expression is being squeezed tighter and tighter with businesses and churches who refuse to conform being heavily restricted, ostracized, fined, or forced to shut down. Equalities minister Justine Greening, has proclaimed that churches should be compelled to “keep up with modern attitudes.” It’s harrd to think that more chilling words could be spoken over a house of worship, but, the Speaker of the House of Commons, threateningly asserted that churches should be forced to hold and pastors forced to perform same-sex wedding ceremonies. The Speaker of the House of Commons is a position that traditionally is supposed to be neutral in such matters, but the current speaker John Bercow certainly isn’t continuing that tradition. His exact words were, “I feel we’ll only have proper equal marriage when you can bloody well get married in a church if you want to do so, without having to fight the church for the equality that should be your right.”

The Spectator notes that this past election made it clear just how militant the LGBT lobby has become in Britain. The Spectator reports:

The primary target was Tim Farron, leader of England’s third largest political party, the Liberal Democrats. High-profile journalists had heard that Farron was a practising Christian. In every single interview thereafter, they demanded to know. Did he personally believe homosexual sex to be a sin? He practically begged the commentariat, to allow him to keep his personal faith and legislative convictions separate. For decades, he pointed out, he had out vocally and legislatively supported the LGBT Lobby. Likewise, he had long backed same-sex marriage, voting for it enthusiastically. This simply was no longer enough.

Shortly after the election campaign, Farron resigned. He stated that it was now impossible, for a believing Christian to hold a prominent position in British politics.

This is a very tragic state of of political affairs. But it doesn’t stop there. Of course, parents are being affected as well.

Parents who because they are unable to have their own children and aspire to adoption or foster care are interrogated if it is discovered that they are even “religious.” Those who are suspected of not celebrating same-sex marriage are not allowed to participate in the program. This very September, the British high court ruled that a Pentecostal couple were ineligible to be foster parents, despite Britain’s current foster crises, and despite the couple’s consistent healthy record of adoption. In addition to Christians, practicing Jews, Muslims, and Sikhs are also prevented from adopting children.

Hardworking, everyday Brits have lost their jobs for expressing (sometimes in private conversations) their sentiments in disagreement with policies favoring same-sex marriage. One such example is Adrian Smith, who was fired by his employer for suggesting that the state, shouldn’t impose its rules on places of faith and conscience.” Consider also Richard Page, who was similarly fired for alleged “gross misconduct” after expressing the sentiment that children thrive better when raised by couples in the setting of a natural monogamous marriage setting between one man and one woman.

As we are already seeing in the United States on a consistent basis, small business are being targeted. Courts in Northern Ireland recently ruled that the owners of Asher Family Bakery broke the law by politely declining to decorate a wedding cake for a same-sex wedding. The courts ruled business owners are required to promote LGBT “equality” irrespective of their personal sincerely held religious beliefs.

The National Trust, an institution with over 4.2 million members required that all of its 62,000 volunteers must wear a compulsory rainbow badge.

The required conformity doesn’t stop with the parents but is also targeting children. In schools, infants as young as three are being taught gender fluidity. TV programming, children’s books, toys, and movies have all been warped and twisted to promote the LGBT agenda. Mandatory sex education teaches young impressionable minds about various sexual positions, how to masturbate, and satisfying desires through pornography – while ignoring teaching about important topics such as STI’s or the dangers of sexual promiscuity.

Parents who are worried about what their kids are being taught are being forced by government ministers to keep their children in these primary school classes.

The danger is not just in the primary or public school systems, but is also infiltrating private schools. Dame Louise Casey, a senior government adviser, recently proclaimed that Catholic schools cannot continue to be “homophobic and anti-gay marriage.” Vishnitz Jewish Girls School was recently failed by Ofsted, the body responsible for school assessment for failure to promote homosexuality and gender fluidity to their students. Vishnitz Jewish Girls School is not an isolated incident. There are six other schools also facing closure for similar reasons.

What is happening in Britain is the opposite of equality, for those who do not agree with the radical LGBT agenda. What is happening in Britain is already happening on similar levels in the United States and will only continue to get worse if the LGBT lobby does not face considerable push-back against their seemingly relentless, radical agenda.

What’s taking place should fill every parent with horror at the thought of the future of their children growing up in the face of such indoctrination.

[Editor’s Note]: This article relied heavily on the following article from The Spectator. 



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