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CA Charter School Sends Child to Principal’s Office for “Misgendering” Other Student

The same Sacramento area charter school that has been all over the news for hosting a celebratory “transgender reveal” party in class for a five year old boy who is transitioning to a girl has now punished another child in his class for accidentally not referring to him by his preferred girl name.

Earlier last week, a first grade student at Rocklin Academy was punished because she referred to the transgender student as a boy while playing on the playground, accidentally calling him by the name that she has been accustomed to calling him since last year.

The student was called into the principal’s office so that the “incident” could be investigated in order to determine whether or not the first grader purposely called her classmate the wrong name. The parent of the child who committed this egregious error met with the principal and it was firmly reiterated that the parent’s child must refer to the transgender child using his new name (a girl’s name).

The girl was understandably upset at being called into the principal’s office, thinking that she was in trouble.

During the five year-old transgender child’s reveal celebration/party, the teacher read two books about celebrating transgenders in class. At some point in between the two readings, the transitioning boy changed his clothes from a boy outfit to a girl outfit, coming to school that day as a boy, but leaving school that day as a girl.

Parents were not notified that the celebratory reveal would take place and were understandably concerned and upset at the forced participation of their children at this event. Many were worried that what happened in this classroom of first-graders would cause confusion among the young students and leave indelible impressions on their young minds.

Outrageously, the teacher who read the transgender books and conducted the transgender reveal refuses to give an account of what happened that day in the four walls of the kindergarten teacher’s classroom. And the school board is also refusing to state the circumstances of the event or provide details to the parents or answer their questions. Instead, parents are being forced to try to find out from their children what happened that day. In a letter from the principal, Jillayne Antoon, parents were notified a week after the transgender reveal that the two books had been read. They were not told that the transgender reveal has taken place, however.


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