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Detransitioner Chloe Cole Sues Doctors Who Oversaw Body Mutilation

Our children are under attack like never before, perhaps most notably in the area of gender dysphoria and the extreme agenda adopted by those on the left. Protecting the most vulnerable among us is one of society’s most important roles. Those harming children must be held accountable. Steps are being taken by individuals brave enough to speak out against this abuse.

The most recent example of this is Chloe Cole, whose story should inspire countless others to stand with her. 

Earlier this month, Chloe announced she is suing the Kaiser doctors who oversaw the body mutilation she suffered as a child.

At just 9 years old, Chloe first expressed feelings of gender dysphoria to her pediatrician. Rather than inform Chloe and her parents of the many options available to her, including certain non-invasive therapies and counseling services, doctors told her parents that life-altering, irreversible surgeries to transition her into a male were the only solution. Using fear tactics and claiming that Chloe would be suicidal without these surgeries, doctors performed a double mastectomy on her as a 15-year old minor. 

CFC President Jonathan Keller interviewed Chloe after she testified before the state legislature against SB 107 in August. The bill unfortunately passed and allows the state to violate parental rights if those parents declined to go through with “gender affirming care” for their children. Chloe’s experience is one that has happened to countless children who are victims of the abuse perpetrated by doctors who perform irreversible acts on children. Chloe’s gender dysphoria did eventually lessen and she regretted the procedures she had been coerced into. This lawsuit is the first step in achieving justice for her after all she has been through. 

Chloe appeared on Tucker Carlson’s show recently to tell her story. This lawsuit is a long time coming, and it is imperative that the doctors who performed her double mastectomy be brought to justice. As Chloe files and follows through with this lawsuit, it is not only her own justice that she seeks: she’s fighting for every other child with gender dysphoria who fell prey to those who put profits and agendas above children’s well-being. The irreversible medical “care” provided by such doctors has led to lifetimes of regret and trauma. They must be held accountable; the Hippocratic Oath must be restored.

We must ensure that such abusive behaviors cease in California.


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